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Water Filters

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Admiral Fridge Filter Replacement Cartridges


Admiral Fridges can have one of the Following Ice and Water Filter Cartridge Types

The Admiral / Maytag PUR UKF8001

This fridge filter replaces the original Amana Clean 'n' Clear 12589208, WF50 and WF51 fridge filters. It usually fits into the the top of the fridge - see below Prices and Details


Click here for All information on the Admiral Puriclean II Fridge Ice and Water Filter Cartridge


Admiral Puriclean III Fridge Filter UKF9001AXX

The Admiral UKF9001AXX PuriClean III is no longer available. But don't worry it has been replaced / updated by the Admiral / Maytag UKF8001 Click here for details

Amana UKF9001AXX

Click here for details and latest prices on this Fridge Ice and Water Filter Cartridge Replacement


Admiral 67003662 Fridge Filter

The Admiral Clean 'n Clear R018511/67003662 fits various fridges including the Admiral.

Click here for details and latest prices for the 67003662 Fridge Ice and Water Filter Cartridge Replacement


Admiral / Maytag SBS005 Fridge Filter

The Admiral / Maytag 480181700134 / SBS005 fits the following Admiral fridge models and filters:

Admiral SAL2027GBB
Admiral SAL2027GBS
S20BRS Water Filter
480181700134 Fridge Filter

Click here for details and prices on the SBS005 Fridge Ice and Water Filter Cartridge Replacement

About Admiral

Admiral is in electrical appliance brand which was founded in 1934. They were one of the first companies to produce color televisions. Throughout the years Admiral expanded its operations to Taiwan, China, Europe, Brazil, New Zealand, Australia, India and Mexico.

Admiral's range of products include LCD TVs, CRT & LCD monitors, and All-In-One PCs.

After the 1970s the company has been owned by Rockwell International, Magic Chef and Maytag. The brand is currently owned by Whirlpool Corporation. Products with the Admiral brand are exclusively sold at The Home Depot.

Admiral Refrigerator Water Filters give clean and safe water for drinking and cooking. Removes: Chlorine, Sediment, Nitrates, Turbidity, Benzene, radon, solvents, trihalomethane compounds, volatile organic chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides. Plus greatly improves taste and odour.

It has the ability to retain beneficial fluoride while reducing the taste of chlorine and the odor. Using refrigerator water filters is more economically and environmentally beneficial than using bottled water.

These water filters can be purchased in single pack, double pack or triple pack sizes. They are available for all types of Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Kenmore and Maytag refrigerators including Bottom-Freezer, French Door, Side-by-Side, Top Freezer and Under Counter. The exact filter model which matches your refrigerator should be referred before ordering. This filter can be placed in one of many convenient locations such as under the sink, inside or behind the refrigerator.

These filters have a longer filter life. It is very quick and easy to remove and replace the filter cartridge. It is advised to replace the filter every six months to ensure clean and safe drinking water.