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ANTI-SCALE Undersink Water Filter System with *up to 12 Month Anti Scale Cartridge

Everything You Need - Full Kit includes TAP and DIY Water Connection Kit and Cartridge. Then only £39.97 for a New Cartridge every *12 Months.

Improves both Taste and Scale for Your Water

Compact Design Requires Little Space Under Sink

Simple Installation: No plumbing Required

Easy Cartridge Changes

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Very impressed! The water filter arrived and the only word to describe the change to the quality of the water is amazing. Before if we made a cup of of tea not only could we smell the chlorine but also taste it. Also the bottom of the cup had a film on the dregs after the tea had been drunk - not pleasant. When tea is now being made as the water hits the tea we can smell tea and not chemicals. Orange squash tastes of oranges. It took 30 mins to install and the results were instantaneous. We are very impressed with the filter.

UK Water Filters Promise
If you change your mind about your purchase, for any reason, within 90 days, you can return your product for a full and complete refund. PLUS we will pay for your return postage (UK)

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3 Year full parts warranty

What you get
SKU: SYS3000
Product Description

Top Selling Anti-Scale Undersink Home Water Filter

This is a great solution for your home or office kitchen. You get beautiful, scale-free, fresh-tasting, filtered water, on tap 24/7. You will never have to buy another bottle of plastic water again.

This filter gives you, equal, if not better quality water while being much more convenient - freeing you from buying and hauling back heavy, overpriced water bottles from the shops. Plus it is much better for the environment.

Compact design requires little space under your sink.

Simple installation no plumber required

The system has been thoroughly tested.

Features summary:

  • 3 litres per minute flow rate - That's fast enough. No waiting around
  • Compact design requires little space under sink
  • Simple installation: No plumbing required
  • Easy cartridge changes
  • Economical - a replacement cartridge costs £39.97 and lasts *up to 12 months. (see below)
  • Guaranteed for 3 years - Buy with confidence. If there are any problems we'll replace it for you.

Everything You Need is Included in Your New Kit

Here's what you get

  • One High Quality Undersink Housing Unit - will last you a lifetime
  • One stylish chrome countertop tap. Looks great in any kitchen
  • One Fully Tested Anti-Scale and Taste Cartridge - see what it removes
  • One DIY water supply connector - no plumbing required
  • All the tubing you need. We supply 2 x 1m lengths. Ask us if you need more. We'll probably include it for free!

Quick and easy installation: You could be drinking fully de-scaled water within 15 minutes of receiving your kit.

It takes us 2 minutes to set up one of these systems. Of course we've done it many times, but we're saying this to give you an idea of how easy it is. You can expect it to take you between 10 to 15 minutes or so, to set it up yourself.

Fit it once and use it forever! (These systems are very tough and should last you at least 20 years).

Plus: Special Bonus: Order today and we'll include a Free easy-change spanner (Usual price £7.39).

*List of what it removes from your tap water:

  • Water Scale / Limescale
  • 99%
  • Chlorine
  • 99%
  • THMs (trihalomethanes) ECBs, OCBs, TMEs
  • 90% to 99%
  • Pesticides
  • 90% to 99%
  • Herbicides
  • 90% to 99%
  • Industrial Solvents (halogenated hydrocarbons) PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) PAHs (polycyclic hydrocarbons)
  • 90% to 99%
  • Discolouration
  • 95% plus
  • Rust Particles, Silt, Algae
  • 99%
  • Benzene, Petroleum Solvents, Oil Residues
  • 85%

Plus it comes with a full no quibble Money Back Guarantee

If you don't like it, for whatever reason, simply send it back and we'll give you a full refund.

We'll even pay for your return postage !

Changing Your Cartridge

*Lasts up to 12 months in 95% of UK Water Areas

Depending on local water chemistry.

Please note that it's hard for us to be certain this filter will stop scale in your drinking water for a full year. This is because there are thousands of local water treatment plants in the UK. Each has a unique water chemistry - which can change regularly. However rest assured that the cartridges do work well for a full 12 months for 95% plus of our customers.

Even if you're in a particularly bad area the filter should last for 9 months plus. What can make a big difference is the flow rate of water going through the filter. The slower the better. You might need to reduce to 2 litres a minute. (This will fill your kettle for a cup of tea in a few seconds).

To adjust the flow rate simply use a flow restrictor / shut off valve.

If you don't already have one ask us and we'll send one for free with your new filter. (Usual price £6.97).

We guarantee the filter will remove scale for nine months. If it doesn't send it back and we will refund you on a pro-rata basis - click here for more details

"I don't usually give feedback but I am impressed with your company. The filter is much cheaper than anywhere else and the delivery time was exceptional. The filter itself works perfectly well. I will continue to use your company." Independent Review by Daniel

Everything comes with a 3 Year warranty. Buy with confidence. We'll quickly replace anything that's broken.

Plus 90 day Money Back Guarantee

Our efficient, free reminder system prompts you to change the cartridge.

Changing cartridges is very easy and only takes a couple of minutes.

Guaranteed for 3 years - (except cartridge)


This is the lowest price on the internet for an undersink filter with this level of style and filtering quality

Product Code: SYS3000 | SYS-3000

Anti Scale Undersink System
Technical Information

Dimensions of Housing

Height 13.5 inches / 34.3cm at Highest Point

Width 4 inches / 10.2cm

Note re Width: Allow a total of 6 inches / 15.2cm wide for the added 1/4" John Guest Tube Connectors/Ports

PLUS at least 3cm either side for the tube to run into the housing and avoid kinking.

If space is very tight, you could use Elbow Connectors - contact us for details. (But this would be very rare. These units fit easily under any standard sink.)

White Housing Dimensions

Cartridge Dimensions

Height 9 and 3/4 inches (248mm)

Width 3 inches (75mm).

Tap Specifications

Spout Reach: 120mm

Height: 240mm

Shank length 70mm (ie under counter)

Tp52 Dimensions

Port Sizes

The housing ports are 1/4 inch male NPTF screwthreads to 1/4 inch female pushfit

We send them ready fitted with adapters to accept the UK standard1/4 inch (6.4mm) Outside Diameter tubing.

Different Tube Sizes?

This unit comes with 1/4 inch tubing - which is the UK standard.

If you have a different tube size - eg if you want to connect to a different tap - you can adapt this housing to different tube sizes as follows.

Please note all sizes are OD / Outside Diameter of the tube ie you simply measure edge to edge).

8mm - 5/16s Tubing. This is a "straight connector" that converts the 1/4 inch tube to your 8mm tubing More info

9.6mm - 3/8ths Tubing The housing ports can also accept 9.6mm tubing so you simply remove the 1/4 inch adapters

10mm Tubing This is a "straight connector" combination that converts the 1/4 inch tube up to your 10mm tubing More info

12mm Tubing This is a "straight connector" combination that converts the 1/4 inch tube up to your 12mm tubing More info

15mm Tubing For 15mm tubing you should get this 15mm housing instead

Saddle Valve

Note: This saddle valve is only suitable for copper pipe

I only have plastic pipe. Will this work on plastic pipe?

Answer: No it is only suitable for coopper pipe. Check this 15mm to 1/4 inch connector instead

Question: I don't have much copper pipe exposed. Will this fit?

Answer: You'll need at least 2 inches of exposed copper pipe in order to fit the saddle clamp onto the pipe


Everything you need is in the pack.

The filters are very easy to install. No plumber is necessary.

Replacing will take a few minutes at most.

But if you need our help, no problem; we've got friendly (and free) customer support available.

"I fitted the unit in 45 minutes, all working perfectly." Independent Review by Richard

Replacing the Filters in the Future

Like all water filters you will need to replace the filters on the system periodically to ensure maximum performance.

Your filter cartridge should last *up to 12 months in 95% of UK Water Areas

How much will it cost me - ongoing?

The price of your replacement cartridges will be £39.97 every 12 months*.

Click here to get a replacement cartridge now.

You can order spares now and see any latest discount bulk-buying deals on these cartridges here

What Type of Plastic is this Housing Made From?

These housing units are made of PolyPropylene (PP).

If you're concerned about plastics - we think you're right to be.

Plastics like BPA's (often found in food and water containers) and Phthalates (in PVC products etc) are linked to cancers, fertility problems, obesity, hormone / endocrine disruption and God knows what else.

The problem is they leach into the food or liquid they're holding.

However PolyPropolene (ie our housings) does not contain BPA's or Phthalates. and is thought to be much safer because it doesn't leach chemicals like some other plastics do.

PolyPropolene is one of the oldest and most commonly plastics with no known negative health effects after seventy years in widespread use (Sources: ESIS – European Chemical Substances Information - and the Hazardous Substance Data Bank (USA).

I'd like to say that I am very impressed not only with the product but with the back up service you provide". Independent Review by Max

Product CODE SYS3000 / SYS 3000


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Immediate Dispatch

Purchase with Total Confidence

Money Back Guarantee

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No hidden extras

If you don't like what you get, send it back for a full no quibble refund.

If for any reason you decide to return your purchase we promise you a no questions asked THREE MONTH Money Back Guarantee. Click here to read the "large print" about our Money Back Guarantee.

PLUS We'll even pay your return postage !

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SKU: SYS3000
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In addition to your 3 Year Warranty, if for any reason you change your mind about your purchase within 90 days of receiving the goods, you can return your product for a full and complete refund *

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