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Water Filters

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Fisher and Paykel Fridge Filter Replacement Cartridges

Replacement Cartridges

Thank you for sending the water filter for my Fisher & Paykel fridge. It costs so much less than I was originally told. I am so glad I shopped around and found you chaps. Excellent customer service. Well done. Alan Wright
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Compatible Replacements

Replace your original Fisher Paykel filter, typical cost £45, with our like-for-like replacement fridge filter.

Please note this is a generic replacement - not the original filter. It performs just as well but costs a lot less at £37.

(To save even more money see the budget alternative option just below)

Boxed and factory sealed direct replacement for the Fisher & Paykel 836848 E522B / Amana Clean'n Clear WF60 - aka R0185014 67003662

Money Back Guarantee if you aren't fully satisfied


Typical price £45 Our price £37 all incl


But wait ! Check out this alternative


Replace your original Fisher Paykell 836848 E522B with a top value classic inline fridge filter.

Checkout this quick video showing how easy it is to change to this value alternative.

ON SALE HERE only £14.75

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Fisher and Paykel Filters Customer Information

We can replace the Fisher & Paykel fridge filter with our own brand high quality cartridge - see the quick video demo above

This is because any type of external "in line" water filter is very interchangeable. Read more on why below.

All you do is take the water pipes going in and out of your current filter and put them into your new, better value filter. It's that easy.

It may look different but you get exactly the same result - beautifully filtered water, but at a much better price.

Please note: If your water / pipe tubing is at all hard to remove you can cut it off. This is easy to do. Simply use kitchen scissors and make sure it's a clean"square cut".

If you are understandably concerned about "burning your bridges" by cutting the pipes in this way, please don't worry.

If you decide to go back to using the original Fisher Paykel filter we will send you a simple pushfit connector to join the filter / head back to the tubing. Simply leave an inch or so of tube on the filter head side and this will be very easy.

We will send you these retro connectors for free. But you may like to know that of the thousands of replacement filters we've sold in this way, not a single customer has ever asked for this.

You can check all the models below see the incompatible Fisher and Paykel fridge models and read about our fridge filters cartridges 

Money Back Guarantee.

If you don't like your new fridge filter cartridge, for any reason at all you have a no quibble Money Back Guarantee

PLUS we'll even pay for your return postage.

If for any reason you decide to return your purchase we promise you a no questions asked THREE MONTH Money Back Guarantee Click here to read the "large print" about our Money Back Guarantee


Why so Cheap ?

Well you'd probably best be asking Fisher and Paykel why their filters are so expensive!

These types of filters are simply "carbon" packed into plastic tubes.

And that carbon is simply burnt coconut shell. That's it.

We have our filters specially made and sent direct from the factory. We are delighted to be able to pass on our savings to you.

Let's put it this way. A lot of people come to us to replace their Fisher and Paykel Fridge water filters. And 99% of them keep coming back.

They tell us this is because of our very reasonable price and the evident high quality of the filtered water.

The replacement cartridge is ON SALE NOW at only £14.75 VAT included

It will last for approx 6 months. We will remind you when to replace it.


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Compatible Fisher and Paykel Models

Our replacement cartridge is compatible with all Fisher & Paykel Fridge Freezer refrigerators that have an external filter ie a filter that sits OUTSIDE the fridge.

Fisher & Paykel refrigerator compatible models are E402B E442B E521T E522B E402BRXFDU

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Fsiher_Paykel fridge filters

Incompatible Fisher and Paykel Models

One or two models of these make of fridge water filters have Internallyfitting cartridges. Sorry but at present, we cannot offer a replacement for these.

About our Cartridges

The cartridge we supply is not made by Fisher and Paykel. However it is at least as good in quality.

The replacement cartridge is ON SALE NOW at only £14.75 VAT included

It will last for approx 6 months. We will remind you when to replace it.

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Order today and get a Free Wall Mounting Bracket (Value £2.95)

(Offer ends soon)

water filter bracket clip


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Fsiher_Paykel fridge filters


Budget Replacements Only £14.75

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Customer Information - Fisher and Paykel Fridge Filters

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Here's what you get ...

• 1 x high quality fridge filter

2 sets of Connection nuts

• 2 cable ties for securing - if required

• Easy instructions

• Tube inserts - if required

• Free delivery

No quibble Money Back Guarantee if not totally satisfied





5cm / 2 inches


Main Body

25cm / 10 inches

Including Inlet/Outlet

29cm / 11.3 inches.