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Franke Doulton Ultracarb M15 W9223021 Original Water Filter Cartridge

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Product Description

Franke Doulton Ultracarb Water Filter Replacement Cartridge

Looking for a replacement cartridge for your Franke Ultracarb?

Yes we can help

We sell top quality Franke Doulton water filter cartridges.

These are specially designed and made in the UK by Fairey, the leading British ceramic manufacturer - who own the Doulton brand.

This Franke Doulton Ultracarb filter can replace Franke Triflow Housing FRX002, FR9455 and Carron Phoenix Tri-pure FRX02 CP9455 water filter cartridges. (See more details below)

Removes Heavy Metals


Anti-Scale Option

Please note this Ultracarb is not anti-scale. Franke Doulton do not supply anti-scale cartridges, which can be a problem in some parts of the UK, particularly if you have a "hot tap" or similar unit that operates with very hot water. However we can help. If you want an anti-scale solution that will work with your existing water filter please check this option.

doultonwater filter cartridge


- Neatly combines the latest ceramic technology with enhanced carbon treatment.

Powerful sub-micron filtration.

- Gives you bottled quality water

- Stops cysts, bacteria and turbidity

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Technical Information

This Doulton Franke Ultracarb 10 inch M15 "Flat end" fits Franke Uniflow and Triflow housings

Totally compatible with Franke Triflows such as:

Franke FRX002 / FR9455

Carron Phoenix TrI-Pure / TriPure systems

The Carron Phoenix CP9455

Plus Crystal filter systems

This filter also fits the Franke Little Butler System BUT please note it is not anti-scale so if you are in a hard scale area please check this option - which is also more economical in the long term - read about the anti-scale alternative

It also retrofits the following cartridges

Doulton W9222910/ W9222903 
Franke Triflow serial number FT 008423
Franke 01, (FR01)
Franke 02 (FR02)
Franke 05*

The Triflow 321 ie the TF321

NB this filter does not replace the Doulton FRF03. Get the FRF03 here



Product CODE FD-UCARB I Franke Doulton FD-UCARB I Doulton FD-UCARB

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