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Gaggenau Fridge Filters Replacement Cartridges

Gaggenau Fridge Filter Replacement Cartridges

Gaggenau Fridges can have one of the following Ice and Water Filter Cartridge types


The Gaggenau / Maytag UKF8001

This fridge filter usually fits into the the top of the fridge. It is made by Maytag for gaggenau fridges - see compatible models and parts numbers below.


Compatible Gaggenaus

Replaces the



Prices and Details

Click here for All information on the Gaggenau / Maytag Fridge Ice and Water Filter Cartridge


Gaggenau Puriclean III Fridge Filter UKF9001AXX

The Gaggenau UKF9001AXX PuriClean III is no longer available. But don't worry it has been replaced / updated by the UKF8001 Click here for details

Gaggenau UKF9001AXX

Click here for details on this Fridge Ice and Water Filter Cartridge Replacement


Gaggenau / Cuno UltraClarity 644845 Fridge Filter

This filter replaces the 641425, 9000 225 170, 9000 077 095, 9000 077 096, 9000 077 104

Click here for details on this Fridge Ice and Water Filter Cartridge Replacement

About Gaggenau

Gaggenau is is situated in the German town of Gaggenau, close to the Alsace border and started life as an ironworks in 1683 founded by a Margrave von Baden.

By the 1850s the "Eisenwerke Gaggenau" was making stoves, advertising signs and bicycles and most significantly was an enamelling specialist. It was through this process, by way of creating and manufacturing the special ovens (needed for enamelling) that meant the manufacturing of ovens was the main part of the business up to the mid 1950s.

The move into the world of kitchens was driven by Georg von Blanquet, son of the new owner. It was he and the team at Gaggenau that helped set up the worlds first" built-in kitchens" in the late 1950s.

Gaggenau is strongly associated with functional aestheticism. Attention to detail is obsessively pursued. Prestigious design awards continue to be collected by the team including the "Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany" and the "iF product design award".

In 1995 Gaggenau was acquired by Bosch / Seimens.