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Terms and Conditions

(These are fairly standard Terms and Conditions that
cover your use of our products, services, website
and the information it contains).





Our website uses Google analytics and other tools which
may use cookies.  These will not identify you as an individual
and are only used for things like tracking how many visitors
came to our website, how long they stayed and from which
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A 3 Year warranty is supplied on our systems
and products.

This warranty is limited to faults which occur
through normal use of the products.

Please note that with some larger products your warranty is direct with the manufacturers. While we will make every effort to facilitate solutions to any problems, ultimately we will be subject to the manufacturers' decisions. (Larger products mean units like some of the whole of house filters, softeners and ultra violet units).

Our Liability

We will not be liable for any resulting damage 
caused by any of the products being installed
incorrectly or otherwise failing.

Find out the location of your water mains stop cock
prior to any installation in the - highly unlikely - event
of a flood.

Failures are extremely rare. But as with any device
they can happen.

We recommend you install anti-leak alert devices.
These will shut down your water supply in the
event of a flood.

Please note that flooding can occur for various reasons
including sudden surges in your water pressure. We
recommend you consult your local water supplier
about the likelihood of these in your area.

Consider installing a pressure reducing valve.
They are cheap and highly effective.

Any performance indicators for our filters are
based on usage for UK Mainland water. Other
countries may vary, particularly with regard to
limescale / scale problems

We will not be liable for any delays in delivery,
or any resulting losses incurred. So make sure that
if you book any tradesmen the goods have already arrived.

Paying for Plumbers or other tradesmen. Please note that
unless you have prior written agreement from us we will
not pay for any costs incurred by your calling out
tradesmen or any other professionals.

In the event of goods being damaged in transit 
we will normally replace them. However, particularly
for the higher value items, we might insist the product(s)
are returned to us - using a proof of delivery service -
for prior examination.

Some of the water filters delivered may be different
to the photos and images shown
. However, in this unlikely event,
they will have the same performance specifications.

The prices and other information contained in
this website may be subject to change without notice.
If you have already paid an incorrect price we reserve
the right to refund you and not send the goods.
UK Delivery Charges quoted might be for the 
mainland UK only. If there are extra costs we will
inform you. Please contact us for further information.


We offer a 90 day Money Back Guarantee on most 
items. More details here 


Larger / High Value Items

Please note that large / high value items - defined as those
costing more than £100 - must be returned in their original condition 
or at least in a reasonable / re-sellable condition. 

Due to the health and safety implications and hygenic nature of
these water filter products they must be returned unopened
(This does not apply to Reverse Osmosis units or Whole of house 
units - unless you are a business as per below). 

Large / high value items which have been opened will
only be refunded if they prove to be faulty, or damaged. 

Our Money Back Guarantee for large / high value items 
applies only to individuals NOT businesses. 


Paying for your returns

Please note we will only pay for return postage
cost for items coming from the UK.

Plus we reserve our right to refuse to pay for
the return of large items such as whole of house filters.

This is to protect us from flippant purchases of these
significant and expensive items - which serious buyers
will normally buy only after due consideration.

Note in any event that some of these large items should
not be returned directly to us. You will need to call us
for the return address. If there is a genuine reason
for return it is possible that we will pay for it.

Overseas orders 

Delivery times depend on local postal services.
For rates please see the order forms for each
product (ie follow the "Buy Now" links where you 
can see postage prices for your item before paying).

Restocking fee

In some instances where a refund is requested
we reserve the right to charge for our postage
costs and / or a restocking fee of up to 15% of
the purchase price.

This will not necessarily be enforced. It is simply
to protect us from flippant returns ie goods
purchased and returned for no particular reason.
However we will only charge this in exceptional
circumstances. So please don't be rude to our staff
or dishonest and you should be OK.



Our water filters are not for re-sale 
without prior written agreement.



Any information given serves as a guide only
and is not professional advice. You must consult
a qualified professional, be it a medical person
for advice about your health or a qualified tradesman
for detailed advice about your plumbing. 

Unhappy with our Service?

Alternative Dispute Resolution with The Retail Ombudsman

If we are unable to resolve a complaint that you make
to us within eight weeks you can take your complaint to
The Retail Ombudsman. This is an independent
organisation, which specialises in providing
Alternative Dispute Resolution services
for consumers and retailers.

As members of the organisation, we are bound by
their code of practice.

Please contact The Retail Ombudsman with
full details of the problem.

They can be contacted via:



Tel: 0203 137 8268 


The Retail Ombudsman


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