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Office Water Fountains for your Workplace

This attractive but sturdy and reliable freestanding office water fountain is housed in a strong steel framed cabinet with coated metal & plastic panels.

It has a stainless steel chilled reservoir.

Delivers beautifully clear purified water on tap.

No more heavy replacement bottles to manhandle.

Save money!

10 litres of filtered water 2p

10 litres of bottled water £7

...and bottled water
isn't always what seems

Choice of Hot and cold water fountain options available

Adjustable thermostat.

The water fountain system is connected to the mains water supply via the high performance "Master Purifier" water filter - which gives natural tasting chilled water.


Easy DIY installation - no plumber necessary (but you can use a handyman if prefered).

No drain required.

The cooler requires a standard socket 240v power supply.

A connection kit is provided to fit standard 15mm copper pipework.

You can locate the unit as far away from the water supply as you want (10 meter plus extension kits available on request).

Features summary:

Features include:

Stainless steel 3 litre chilled reservoir

Adjustable thermostat

3 Year Warranty

Filter cartridge change every 6 months £13.57 + VAT

American FDA approved materials

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office water fountain
Dimensions H 1015 mm, W 340mm, D 335mm

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