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Instructions for Installing Your SCB Type Water Filter

Product Codes: SCB1000 | SCB-Mobile-12 | SCB-Mobile-15 | SG1000


Installing for the First Time

First-time fitting should only be attempted by a qualified plumber or experienced DIY enthusiast.

This filter can be fittted both vertically and horizontally.

Simply cut the pipe that is connected to your kitchen sink cold tap.

Please refer to picture below for unit dimensions and recommended pipe cut required for installation.


Replacing Your Filter

Turn off the water supply to the filter. 

Remove the old filter by pushing the black plastic collars IN while pulling the filter out and away from the pipe (This action releases the “python grip” of the filter on the pipe).

Note the flow arrow. This points in the direction the water should flow

The pipe must be must be firmly pushed into push fit connections .

Once fitted and  checked, flush the unit by turning on the cold water tap and run the water for 1 - 2 minutes to remove any fine granulated carbon particles before use (please note these particles are harmless).

If you need any help please call us on 020 8761 6611



If you are replacing an existing cartridge we would love to recycle your old one and reduce the amount of plastic we use. 

Simply put it in the box your new order came in and Return to:

UKWF Returns, Unit D120, 62 Tritton Rd, London, SE21 8DE

1) Please dry out the old cartridge by standing it upright for a day or 3 to avoid it dripping

2) Add a note simply saying “For recycling”

3) To help the planet even more, please save up your old cartridges and send them back in twos or threes, i.e. to reduce the carbon cost of returning them.

Thank you 

Sales Admin Team
Telephone 020 8761 6611

Water Filter instructions / Guides for fitting and installing


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