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Caravans / Boats etc

Yes ! We can supply high quality filters for your canal boat, cabin cruisers, caravans, campervans, motorhomes and so on.

There are various reasons why you might want filtered water for your home away from home. These are the options we offer:

Option 1 - High Quality Value Replacement Cartridge.

If you already have a filter and only need a replacement this filter (see below right) will remove the taste of chlorine and other unpleasant odours giving you fresh drinking water on tap 24/7

This high quality cartridge is a perfectly compatible quality replacement for common caravan and boat filters like the Whale Aquasource WF1230 or 1530 and others.

We'll show you how you can fit it to replace any filter.

You can save good money with our own brand filters while guaranteeing top quality.

More Details and Ordering

Whale Aquasource WF 1230 - Typical cost £25

Can be replaced by our own brand top quality filter  - Typical cost £15.95

You can save almost 50%


Option 2 - Inline

This powerful filter can sit in-line on your 12mm or 15mm pipe and supply your existing tap.

It removes the taste of chlorine and other unpleasant odours giving you fresh drinking water on tap 24/7

Read more about this new filter for caravans, mobile homes, boats and similar mobile situations


Option 3 - Ultrafiltration

The filters in Options 1 and 2 above are designed to filter normal "potable water" ie the water that you'd get from a mains tap in a harbour or a caravan park.

If you are worried about the quality of your source water - perhaps you're overseas - or just want to be as safe as possible, this ultrafiltration filter will help give you peace of mind. It filters your water down to 0.1 microns and is easy to fit and use.

Read more about this new ultrafiltration filter for boats, caravans, mobile homes, and similar situations







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