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Video Guides

Video Help Guides to UK Water Filters

Fitting, installing, changing, replacing cartridges and more...


How to remove your tubing from a Push Fit Connector





How change your Brita A1000 or P1000 filter for a cheaper alternative





How change your Brita inline filter 8430531 type for a cheaper alternative





How to Connect Compression nuts to your Fridge or In line Water Filter





How to connect a water filter Saddle Valve to the water supply





How to install a Shower and Bath water Filter





How to install a new Reverse Osmosis water filter

This video shows a slightly old system. But the principle is the same
so we've left this up while we do a new video.

(Check the video below on how the tubes connect up for the new
system we are supplying)


Reverse Osmosis Water Filter NEW - Setting up the Connections





How to fit your water filter tap





How to Replace an Undersink Water Filter Cartidge





How to replace the "Keep Your Own Kitchen Tap" water filter





More videos coming soon !


Please let us know what video's you would like us to make! Contact us