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Water Filters

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Replacement Housing Units for your Water Filters

The Problem:

1) Your tired / broken old housing unit needs replacing.


2) You have difficulty finding replacement cartridges for your existing filter.


3) You were "over-sold" - or have inherited - an over-complicated filter that is very expensive to replace.

(This is surprisingly common. You simply wanted a filter that gives you good bottle-quality water but you've ended up with a "designer" type filter or a reverse osmosis or ultra-violet or other complex filter which, while high quality, are overkill for most situations. You end up paying a lot more than necessary for replacement filters etc).

Your Solution:

We can supply you with an upgraded new housing unit. This is a top quality product which takes only minutes to fit.

You simply take the in/out tubes from your current filter and insert them into the new one.

(Your new housing comes with quarter inch push fit connections ie that will accept your existing 1/4 inch tubing. If your tubing is different to this standard size, no problem. Simply measure the outside diameter and we will send you the right adapters for FREE ).

Meanwhile you can keep your existing tap and water connection - unless you want new ones (see Option 2 below).

Please note your new housing unit from us can replace any colour ie Blue, White or Clear housing units. It is a universal solution for changing many different types of water filters.

About Your New Cartridge

Your housing comes fitted with our best selling "Master Purifier" water filter cartridge.

This is a very high standard, fully certified filter. (Beware cheap Chinese counterfeit water filters. They just aren't as good).

Don't be surprised when your filtered water tastes even better than before (see performance details of our "Master Purifier").

The Cost

The new housing costs £39.95 all incl. No hidden extras.

If you want a new housing unit without a filter cartridge inside then it costs £27 (Details here)

Fitting Your New Housing Unit

This is very easy. All you do basically is take the tubing out of your old filter and push them into your new one.

Don't worry. Full and easy fitting instructions are supplied.

If you don't like what you get send it back for a full no quibble refund. Please see our Money Back Guarantee for further details

Changing Your Cartridge

Your filter cartridge will need changing every 6 months.

The price of replacement cartridges is bewteen £13 to £15 depending on sales and so on.

Here's what you get

  • 1 x housing unit
  • 1 x High quality carbon block cartridge
  • Push fit adapters for your exisiting tubing
  • Tube / Pipe Adapters (if required)

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Option 2

Simply replacing the cartridge and housing may be something of a false economy.

What if the old parts start to go wrong?

Why not replace the entire system for only a little more?

  • You get abrand new tap
  • You get anew, safe connection into your water supply.
  • You get a3 year warranty
  • You get a safe, no quibbleMoney Back Guarantee
  • You getFree and friendly after sales service

Our best selling filter the"Master Purifier"offers youexcellent filtration performance giving you the best purification in its class.

And it'smuch better valuethan its inferior rivals.

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