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Water Filters

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Metals in Drinking Water Problem

Removing Metals like Lead, Iron, Cadmium, Rust, Aluminium, Copper, Arsenic and Heavy Metals

If you want to remove / reduce metals in your water then we can offer a range of water filter solutions.

First, you need to decide whether you want to filter your drinking water only or filter the whole of your house.


Removing Metals From Your Drinking Water Only.

We recommend a reverse osmosis water filter. This will remove at least 95% of any contaminant - regardless of the quality of your water supply.

Read more about what reverse osmosis can do.


Removing Metals From the Water Supply to Your House / the Entire Building

To remove metals from your whole house / building we have a unique powerful water filter that helps remove metals in your water supply.

This can be used for any type of building - a home, office, school or hospital. Simply select your required size.

Read more about the whole water supply metals removal filter.