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Water Filters

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Whirlpool Fridge Filter Replacement Cartridges

Whirlpool Fridges can have one of the Following Ice and Water Filter Cartridge Types

Whirlpool Puriclean


The Whirlpool Puriclean II PUR UKF8001

The Puriclean II usually fits into the whirlpool fridge housing that opens like a crocodile's mouth - which is often at the top of the fridge.


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Whirlpool Ultimate Fridge Water Filter - SBS002 / 4812 817 29632

The Whirlpool SBS002 / 4812 817 29632 Ultimate fridge water filter replaces Whirlpool fridge filters with a filter in the outside facing grille at the bottom of the fridge. It also replaces the Whirlpool deluxe


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Whirlpool / Maytag SBS002 Fridge Filter

The Whirlpool 480181700132 / SBS002 is the whirlpool branding for the Maytag SBS002 fits the following Admiral fridge models and filters:

Admiral SAL2027GBB
Admiral SAL2027GBS
S20BRS Water Filter
480181700134 Fridge Filter

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