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Shower Water Filter and Cartridge

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  • Effective for both Hot and Cold Water
  • Reduces Vapor Inhalation
  • Greatly Reduces Chemical Absorption
  • Reduces up to 99% of Chlorine, Heavy Metals and Bacteria
  • Softens / De-Scales your Shower Water
  • Brand New, Unopened and in the Original Packaging
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Fits All Showers... Installs In Seconds

Reduces bleaching and chemical damage to hair and skin.

Imagine the feeling of showering under a waterfall in a tropical paradise.

Well now you can experience it in your own home.

This new to the market, British made shower filter is the "best in class" for filtering your shower water

Regular exposure to chlorine in a shower can cause brittle hair, dandruff, dry skin, and red irritated eyes.

Medical studies suggest that chlorine aggravates existing eczema or asthma.
Since 50% of our daily chlorine exposure comes from showering, it is important to shower in clean, chlorine free, filtered water.

This cool Shower Filter fits easily to the base of the great majority of shower units and to the top of shower taps.

Very quick installation.
 Provides a natural and healthy shower for you and your family. And it doesn't just clean your shower water - it also oxygenates it.

• Effective for both hot and cold water

• Reduces vapor inhalation

• Greatly reduces chemical absorption

• Reduces up to 99% of chlorine

• Reduces 99% of heavy metals and Bacteria

• Softens / de-scales your shower water

" What a pleasure!

One of the few times that I have bought a product and it actually works. So much so that I would say that for me as a psoriasis sufferer it’s a life changing event.

After every shower my skin literally dried out and cracked up no matter what creams or bath salts I used.

Now I look forward to my shower and have no anxiety about getting out of the shower as the soft water leaves my skin soft and comfortable.

And as for my hair and scalp I could go on for pages...

Thank you for your product it’s a lifesaver."

Mr D Farber

shower filter

The specially designed holes in the shower head produce a vortex within the water.

This improves flow and allows oxygen to enter the water stream.

Now you can have a more invigorating shower that uses less water!

This oxygenating technique is used by the world's top hotels and spas.

Now you can enjoy what their guests get.

Don't just feel clean. Feel great!

Get softer skin and hair.

Plus... descaling action b
anishes unsightly scale marks.

Your shower cabinet glass and tiles will look pristine.


Check this quick video on how to install your Shower and Bath Water Filter

(If Video doesn't load please click here)

What is the inside the shower filter?

Patent pending active ceramic beads comprising a mixture of dissimilar metals and minerals.

Enhances pH balance for the healthiest most refreshing shower ever.

Active ceramics are a recent development in the production of specially designed, dedicated ceramics.

These Active Ceramics display physical properties of semi conductivity, magnetic properties and light emission (in the far infra red spectrum).

As water passes through the shower head the action on the ceramic beads inside creates an electrolytic effect. This removes up to 99% of chlorine, bacteria, organic contaminants,VOCs (potentially toxic "volatile organic compounds"), heavy metals, and other harmful impurities.

"Just to let you know that having bought two of these I am recommending them to friends. We live a in a very hard water area, and the difference they have made, not only to the shower cubicles, but also to our skin is amazing. Thank you".

Barbara Hale


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