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Your Money Back Guarantee

Your NINETY DAY Money Back Guarantee

In addition to your 3 Year Warranty, if for any reason you change your mind about your purchase within 90 days of receiving the goods, you can return your product for a full and complete refund. (Please see the note re special items below*).

PLUS we will pay for your return postage (UK only - Sorry!) Read more about postage

Returning Your Order

Before returning your order you may want to call or email us to tell us about the problem.

Please note this is not so we can quibble with you in any way. Life's too short. We guarantee that if you are not 100% happy, for any reason, we will refund you.

The only reason for contacting us is simply because very often the issue is one that can be remedied easily.

For example it is very common for a problem to be solved with a simple tube size adapter. (We would normally send you this for free).

Calling us might save you the time and effort of having to look further afield for a new filter.

In any event, to claim your refund simply return the item to us with a note clearly stating your name and address and requesting a full refund.

You may choose to use a proof of postage service like recorded delivery in case the goods go missing. We reserve the right not to refund if we do not receive the goods. But in the rare cases that things go missing we usually refund you anyway. In our experience 99% of people are honest.

Where to return the item

Our address is below. However first, please note the following:

If you are returning a Reverse Osmosis unit or a Whole of house unit or any other large / high value item (that cost more than £100) you must contact us before hand as these might need to go back directly to the manufacturers - who sent them to you.

Simply contact us and we'll give you the relevant address.

*Large / Special Items

Please note that the following large / high value items must be returned in their original condition or at least in a reasonable / re-sellable condition.

  • Franke taps
  • Large Ultra Violet Filters costing more than £500
  • Reverse Osmosis units costing more than £500
  • Water Chiller units costing more than £300

The above special items which have been opened will only be refunded if they prove to be faulty, or damaged.

Items costing £1000 plus are NOT refundable.

Businesses / Commercial

Please note our Money Back Guarantee only applies to individuals using the products in domestic settings.

Its purpose is to protect innocent members of the public / widows and orphans etc from fear of making mistakes and generally losing out.

It is not a licence for businesses to take advantage of - ie to buy expensive products without bothering with due dillegence / research or, worse, with the advance intention of using the product for a short period and returning it in a used / damaged state.

This has happened too many times so we're sure any reasonable business will understand why we reserve the right to refuse the Money Back Guarantee to businesses.

(This caveat does not apply to Dentists and other clinical based practices using our special Reverse Osmosis systems).


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Questions? Call us for friendly advice
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