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Welcome to UK Water Filters

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UK Water Filters are specialists in all types of water filtration for residential and business properties. We cover all of the UK - and have many overseas clients. Collectively our staff have over 40 years experience in the water treatment industry. Plus we only work with the very best suppliers, each of whom also brings a wealth of knowledge - in some cases acquired over generations - to any questions you may have.

Trusted suppliers for over 15 years

We’re very well established and have been a leading part of the UK water filter industry for more than 15 years. We can help you find your best solution to purifying your water into fresh, clear drinking water, on tap 24/7... in your home, kitchen or office. Reduce up to 99.8% of contaminants and additives you find in UK tap water - and even some bottled waters. We are proud to be official suppliers to many leading bodies like HM Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

This business Is like a breath of fresh air, Truly a company that is interested in customer satisfaction." Independent Review by Peter M Sidey


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Very rarely these days do we experience customer service & quality of products like this company offers. I read a few online reviews before choosing to purchase from them & I wondered if they could really be that good. Well in one word, yes they absolutely were that good. I was wanting to purchase a more expensive system but after chatting with this company they advised I didn’t need that one & the cheaper one would more than meet my needs. Who’s ever heard of that? A company more interested in meeting the needs of its customers than making more money? Well you have now. Thank you UK water filters There should be many more companies with your ethics." Independent Review by Rebecca Taylor