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Yes! If You Decide to Return Your Purchase We Will Pay for Your Postage Costs

If you want to return your filter - for any reason - we promise to refund you for your postage costs.

So you can buy from us in full confidence with both our Money Back Guarantee and safe in the knowledge that you won't be left out of pocket if you decide to send them back.

Please note this applies to Royal Mail UK mainland packet post costs for our standard items that are priced below £100. It does not apply to "special items" like whole house filters, water softeners or reverse osmosis units. Why? Because these are items that customers should give reasonably careful consideration to before buying.

Just to be clear: We will refund the purchase costs as per the Money Back Guarantee for these special items - but we reserve the right not to refund the postal costs of sending or returning them - unless there is a good reason.

This offer does apply to the normal cartridges, undersink filter systems and accessories that you may not be 100% sure are right for you.

The only condition is that you return your item within 90 days and you follow the terms of our Money Back Guarantee - Click here to see these

Simply return the item to us within 90 days of purchase with a note clearly stating your name and address and how much you want to be refunded for your postage costs.

We will refund normal Royal Mail UK packet post costs. This includes the proof of postage service recorded delivery but NOT Special Delivery.

Thank you

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