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Why filters are important for your fish

Standard Filtration Methods

Reverse Osmosis For Aquariums

Why Aquarium Filters are Important for your Fish

Imagine not being able to eliminate smog in the air that you breathe. And imagine that you're locked in a small smoggy room with no fresh air.

This would go beyond frustrating. It would eventually be harmful to your existence. Well, we assume this is what it would be like for fish who live in aquariums without the proper filtration systems.

Standard Filtration Methods

You can remove condensed waste and dirt from your fish's tank with a hand net, chemicals, or if you're a little more serious about filtration for your fish - external filtration is the way to go.

External Filtration: This generally equates to purchasing and installing an external water filter that sucks water through an intake, is filtered, then pumped back into the tank as purified water. This filtration method is generally used for larger tanks, however can be very effective and is used for smaller tanks as well.

Canister Filters: These external filters, as described, push water through a filter by the use of a pump, purify the water, then push it back into the tank. This is the most effective way to purify your fish's water. They're more efficient than internal pumps and are easy to clean.

External filters support the easy installation of other equipment like water heaters and carbon dioxide diffusers. So, if you want to continually do your best to keep your fish's water "smog free" so to speak, then purchasing an external aquatic water filter is the way to go. Checkout wikipedia for more details on types of fish aquarium filters

Reverse Osmosis For Aquariums

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Reverse osmosis sounds a bit like something you'd encounter on a biology exam. Although, in this case, it really has nothing to do with living cells.

Reverse osmosis is a method of pure filtration. Essentially, it is the purest and most complete method of filtering water from unwanted and possibly harmful contaminants, known to us. This is why it is a smart filtration method for your aquarium fish.

Because reverse osmosis is the most purest form of filtration, it removes just about anything that isn't essential.

For this reason, some people are reluctant to use it for aquariums, because it removes minerals and trace minerals that might be healthy for your fish.

But don't worry. Your fish should get all the minerals they need from the fish food you give them.

Plus it's recommended to add salt mixes so your fish's water basically retains its minerals.

With salt mixes added, reverse osmosis is highly effective in keeping the most healthy water possible for your fish.

This is Why it Works:

It eliminates any possibility of your fish's exposure to contaminants such as: phosphates, nitrates, and silicates, heavy metals: lead and mercury.

So, think of your fish's water like the air that we humans breathe.

You want the cleanest air possible, everyone does, for yourself and your family, right? Well, your fish deserve the same.

Reverse osmosis filtration is the way to go.

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