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Special Uses - Pets

Water Filters for Your Pets

Drinking and washing water for your cats, dogs and birds

The system arrived and I can say 100% I'm very pleased... in fact, my cats are now drinking tap water. Beforehand, they would only drink milk or water from puddles in the street, strange but true! Thank you! Wesley

Whether it's for drinking or washing why should we give our pets normal tap water with all the chemicals in it?

Chlorine, for example, is about as unnatural a product as you could get. It first came to prominence as a nerve gas for use against humans. (To be fair; it was first discovered in 1774 and recognised as an element in 1808).

While Chlorine serves a good purpose in water - ie to kill off nasty bacteria - it doesn't taste good to your cat or dog. (And there are various claims about its negative impact on human health).

If you are concerned about exactly what your pet feels about chlorinated water.

Now you have a solution

You can remove chlorine from your pets drinking water.

You and your pet will soon notice the difference. Our customers report that their animals seems happier and look healthier.

We've been buying these for years now. It's been one of the best decisions we made. Lovely, fresh,clear water constantly. ... A recent holiday in lovely Northumberland, staying in a cottage , almost caused a rebellion. Our Whippet, Oliver was distinctly underwhelmed by the tap water on offer, he even tried the sea water when we walked on the beaches...Not advised for doggo's tummys of course! He was happy to return home again, only for his drinking bowl full of crystal clear water ..." Jacqui Anderson

And when it comes to baths for your pet..

Chlorine dries out the natural oils found in your pet's skin and hair. These oils protect your pet's skin and give's their coat that lovely glow.

Just as when you have had a swim you will notice your hair is damaged and your eyes are red, pets are affected too. But being closer to nature they probably feel it much more that we do.

Besides the bad effect on fur and skin, chlorine vaporizes quickly in hot water. So your pet ends up breathing chlorine gas.

We are happy to offer these solutions for your pet.

Drink to your health

Our water filter systems can remove harmful pathogenic bacteria, cysts, parasites, and unhealthy chemical contaminants such as Chlorine, while at the same time leaving in the essential minerals your body needs.


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