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Whole House Filters

Whole of House UK Water Filters

A great way to filter all the water throughout your property with a neat, compact, easy to fit, tried and trusted water filter

Top Rated Best Seller
Five star rated product

This new water filter has over 30 verified Five Star reviews
(* 98% of all reviews)

If you want to ensure all the water supply in your house is as clear of impurities and contaminants as possible, welcome to our best selling whole-of-house water filter.

It works by filtering the water as it enters your home, giving you purified water for drinking, cooking, bathing and your laundry.

We are pleased to be able to offer you a new, unique combined whole house water filter.

The improvement is indescribable. The water not only tastes amazing, it also has a perceptible change in texture and every one loves it at our house. It also seems to be protecting the appliances too - the kettle doesn’t get gunked up anymore and neither do the taps. When showering the water feels refreshing and there is no chlorine smell either. And the support from UK Water Filter’s is also faultless. Always helpful and courteous. Can’t recommend this product enough". Independent Review by Aiysha

whole house filters

About the Filters

This new whole house water filter is compact but very powerful. It easily fits onto your existing water pipes and filters all the water coming into your property.

Now you can get your drinking water, showers, baths, laundry - everything! - purified to a very high standard.

Join the many thousands of customers
who are enjoying this great solution.

Get beautiful, filtered water throughout your home...
No more wasteful bottled water...
Helps brittle hair and dry skin...
Protects your pipework...

Read on for full details - plus see the summary of benefits below.

What is Removed

Why it's Good for Your Health

Anti Scale

Summary of Benefits

Money Back Guarantee

Choose the Right Size to Match Your Needs


Fully Certified

Using River or Well Water?

Changing / Replacing the Filter

Our Price / Loyalty Guarantee

Bad things Removed

The filter is highly effective at removing chlorine. Chlorine in a shower can cause brittle hair and dandruff, plus dry skin, and red irritated eyes.

Medical studies also suggest that chlorine can agitate pre-existing eczema or asthma conditions.

Chlorine is the main contaminant present in UK and other "first world" countries.

Removing chlorine from your water solves 99% plus of the problem in the great majority of UK homes.

The filter contains ceramic media. Ceramic filtration is known to both absorb contaminants in the water and has various detoxifying effects as water passes through the filter.

Good things it Enhances

Alkalinity: The filter balances the pH of the water. This means acid is reduced and alkalinity increased.

Your body is 70% water so your drinking water is a crucial factor in maintaining a good acid-alkaline balance.

On average your body will lose two and a half litres of water a day.

The quality of the water you drink to replenish this is just as important as the quantity of water you drink.

It is recommended that you drink 3 to 4 litres every day.

It is known that drinking more water helps speed up your metabolic rate. (Boschmann, M. / Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, December 2003).

I can say it is worth every penny. I don't have itchy skin after my shower, laundry is cleaner, soap scum and scale are greatly reduced. The filter is 5 star and the customer service is 10 star. If you are thinking of water filters or water softeners, give this one a go. Huge thanks for a quality product and quality customer service". Independent Review by "Happy Man"

Why it's Very Good for Your Health

Besides greatly improving the taste and feel of your water, a welcome by-product of the filter is the way it discharges beneficial negative ions.

Negative ions are naturally carried in fresh air and spring water.

In the shower, negative ions create a fresh, clear environment which is great for your body and naturally lifts your spirits.

Plus: The ceramic media includes tourmaline, magnesium, calcium and potassium.

These are released in very small quantities into the water transforming it into a health giving, mineral rich, fresher water with significantly lower oxidation - ie it’s antioxidant.

This is widely thought to provide significant protection against free radicals.

Ceramic treated water has been shown to have smaller water clusters which hydrate the body up to 3 times more effectively than standard water.

This helps increase your absorption of nutrients and minerals.

Some Anti-scale Properties

In addition to giving you high quality water filtering, this whole of house filter also has a degree of anti-scale capability.

It can help stop the scale from becoming hard and fusing onto pipes and equipment - thereby damaging them and reducing their service life.

Now You Can get the Benefits of a De-scaler AND a Water Filter in ONE Unit

Many people don't realise that water de-scalers and water filters are quite different things.

Water de-scalers usually only soften water but don't filter anything out. Water filters on the other hand do not soften but only filter out contaminants.

Scale cannot be "filtered". This is a complex area but, put simply, scale build up is a chemical process that can only be "treated" - most commonly by adding salt to water - which you should filter out in order for it to be drinkable!

Usually, to get the benefits of both water de-scaling and water filtration you would need two separate units that together could cost you in excess of £1200.

PLUS running costs of up to £250 a year for adding salt - if it's a salt softener - and changing the filters.

However please note that if your main interest is removing scale (and not just having fresh filtered water throughout your house with all the benefits outlined above) then our new Salt Free Water Softener is probably more relevant for you.

This is because while this Whole House filter is certainly good at combating scale build up, its effectiveness can vary - from 50% to 80% - depending on local water hardness.

However the no salt softener is guaranteed to prevent 99% of scale build up regardless of your local water quality. Read More Here

I’m not sure whether this counts but not only are we happy with the filter but an unexpected bonus is that it appears to make the water softer. We live in a very hard water area - close to the White Cliffs of Dover! I have noticed since the filter has been fitted neither the kettle nor the coffee machine get furred up. You don’t advertise it as a water softener but it does appear to have a softening effect". Independent review by Daphne

(Read more here about the Salt Less Water Softener).

Please note that as with any water treatment product results will vary, depending on the water system, water flow and water type in each household. However please rest assured that our Money Back Guarantee applies to any property.

Summary of Benefits

  • Sleek stainless steel unit
  • Extremely compact / small
  • Very simple to install
  • Revolutionary new filtration media

  • Absolutely no maintenance required
  • Uses no power
  • Filters your entire water supply

  • Greatly improved taste
  • Normal minerals left intact in water
  • Removes some harmful bacteria*
  • Excellent, affordable Green alternative to bottled water

  • Water quality is as good as bottled water
  • British designed and made - reduces your carbon footprint by reducing your "consumer goods miles"
  • Totally recyclable - we incentivise you to send back your old unit to refurbish

Your Three Month Money Back Guarantee.

If you are not sure about it for any reason don't worry. We offer you a 3 month no quibble Money Back Guarantee.

If you don't like the filter for any reason simply send it back to us within 90 days for a full refund

All that we ask is that it is in reasonable (i.e. acceptable) condition. The filter can have been used but must not have been damaged or tampered with.

We hope this guarantee assures you of our confidence that you will love this amazing water filter.

Choose from these Three Sizes to Match Your Needs

Technical Information

What is the Filtration Method?

Patent pending active ceramic beads comprising a mixture of dissimilar metals and minerals.

Active ceramics are a recent development in the production of specially designed, dedicated ceramics.

When immersed in water these Active Ceramics display physical properties of semi conductivity, magnetic properties and light emission (in the far infra red spectrum).

The effect is similar to a miniature electric cell.

As water passes through the filter the action on the beads creates an electrolytic effect which totally removes the taste and smell of chlorine - plus it also removes bacteria, organic contaminants,VOCs (potentially toxic "volatile organic compounds"), heavy metals, and other harmful impurities.

(Exact percentages will vary depending on factors like the incoming water and the life stage of the filter etc.)

I'm really pleased with it, it does what it says on the tin! It keeps the water clear and reduces hard water and build up on shower and does make it feel softer. Has made a difference and feels a lot better showering with the filter than it does without". Independent Review by Lawrence

Read full details on how active ceramic filtration works


The active ceramics "Biocera" filtration media inside the whole house filter is NSF certified for the water filter industry standard NSF /ANSI 42 (See proof)

This is the internationally recognised American standard for drinking water media and products.

How Long Does the Filter Last?

It lasts a staggering 24 months.

No maintenance is required during this time

Fitting Your New Filter

Fitting the unit would require your own local plumber. The job should take approx. 2 hours.

Full instructions supplied for the plumber.

Ideally the units should be fitted vertically with the inflow at the bottom and the outflow at the top - i.e. the direction of water flow from the bottom to the top.

This ensures that the filtration media moves within the water flow and remains free of sediment.

The plumber should fit a bypass round the filter. (This is a very standard thing for a plumber to do when fitting something like a water filter - but make sure they've done it, just in case...)


The units are extremely compact. They fit easily into a narrow kitchen base unit or small cupboard or toilet.

The exact dimensions depend on your preferred model.

These whole house filters require no electrical or other power or salt and can be left to produce super quality water throughout the home and garden.

Was surprised at how small the unit seemed. But it's heavy... and it certainly works well. It sits under the stairs and doesn't take up any space - or attention. Just works away. Very happy with the result". Independent Review by David

Changing / Replacing Your Old Filter

To replace your used unit after 2 years is easy.

Your plumber is instructed to use push fit fittings that will make it easy to remove and replace with the new unit.

We send you a free reminder to replace the unit every 2 years.

Recycling... if you send back your old filter we can refurbish it and will give you a partial refund on your new purchase. See details on that just below but first please note:

Our Loyalty Price Guarantee

Don't worry about us raising the price during the filter's two year life span.

If you buy today we guarantee that we will offer you the same price in two years' time as you pay now - even if we put the price up in the meantime.

You are Not Obliged to Buy a New Filter from us

We do not "tie you in" to getting a new filter from us every 2 years for the rest of your life.

if you don't want to renew for any reason you can simply switch the filter off by using the bypass that your plumber should have put in place during installation.

(A bypass is a very standard thing for a plumber to do when fitting something like a water filter and it would be odd if they had not done this).

Here's How the Refund Works

After 2 years you order a new filter.

When you get it you remove the old one and return it to us.

After we have received it we send you a refund.

The refund amount depends on your preferred size of filter... Please see each model for further details.

I have replaced mine 3 times already. Water quality is significantly better. I actually prefer our filtered tap water to any bottled one (I don't like unfiltered tap water as it has 'chemical' taste). The filter has to be replaced every 2 years which is fair". Independent Review by Miro

Are you Filtering River or Well Water?

Please note the filter is designed to deal with "potable" ie treated water only.

For example it does NOT deal with cryptosporidium or giardia.

These belong to a group of micro-organisms known as protozoa and are seriously bad for you.

They can be found in rivers and possibly well water.

If you are drinking water from any private / non-potable water supply we strongly recommend ultra violet filtration (UV) - this treats all your incoming house water for bugs but if you want the added benefits you could combine a UV with the whole house filter.

Or at the very least we would recommend an extra drinking water filter which we can supply as an extra.

This will fit next to your kitchen sink. It further filters the water that has already passed through the whole house filter.

You can have it on-hand 24/7, to deliver extra purified water for your drinking and cooking needs.

The cartridge required, a 0.5 micron ceramic, is expensive but we can add the entire kit for you, at cost.

The price for the special kit including the whole house filter is only £415.

We can also advise you on other options.

undersink water filter
Additional Filter for drinking water only

Other uses for this amazing water filtration method

Other commercial applications

40 Litre per minute model for larger houses

60 Litre per minute high capacity water filter for industrial or business catering purposes

Please don't hesitate to call us on 0800 009 6611 with any questions on other potential applications or for any further information and advice.

What is Removed

Why it's Good for Your Health

Anti Scale

Summary of Benefits

Money Back Guarantee

Choose the Right Size to Match Your Needs


Fully Certified

Using River or Well Water?

Changing / Replacing the Filter

Our Price / Loyalty Guarantee

About the Whole of House filtration material used

Need a Water Filter for light industrial or catering purposes?

See Your Whole House Filter Fitting Instructions (these are for the plumber)

Checkout our full range of Whole of House Filters

Drink to your health

Our water filter systems can remove harmful pathogenic bacteria, cysts, parasites, and unhealthy chemical contaminants such as Chlorine, while at the same time leaving in the essential minerals your body needs.


Save money on bottled water purchases by regularly usingfiltered water. Get your highest quality water filters at the best price here.


We supply the widest range of water filters for any needs - residential or commercial.