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Caravan and Boat Taste and Odour Filter Full Kit

1 x High Quality Water Filter Kit for Boats / Caravans etc

Quality Taste and Odour Improvement

Easy Self-Installation - No Plumber

Includes Water Connector and Tap 

Everything You Need Supplied

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£39.95 INC VAT
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What you get
Product Description

New Water Filter Kit / System For Your Caravan, Mobile Homes, Canal Boat Etc

The filter needs to be changed every 6 months regardless of the amount used (this is to prevent danger of growth of bacteria inside the filter). So it is basically good for one season.

Cost of replacement cartridge for existing customers is currently £13.95

The picture shows a Full Kit. ie a Tap, Tubing, Filter and Connector to Water Supply.

Product Code: SLN1000-CB

In Line Undersink System
Technical Information

Please note your connection options

1) We assume you have 12mm OD tube (ie the standard caravan tubing) for the water inlet.


A) You have an open-end tube.

In this case we supply a 12mm female to 1/4 inch tubing adapter. This brings the water into the filter.

On the other side of the filter a 1/4 inch tube feeds the countertop tap we supply.

Both these are sent out as standard. You don't need to contact us

Please note: If you already have a tap that accepts 12mm tubing then you probably simply need this caravan filter replacment cartridge ie that accepts 12mm pipe in and out

B) OR You need to T off the water out of a closed tube.

In that case we can supply a "saddle valve" instead of the 12mm adapter. This is not included as standard, so you'll need to add it to your basket

Note this is designed for copper pipes but can be used on plastic pipe - see below *

C) Or you can get your own washing machine type adapter from the high street.

In this case please note that our filter accpets 1/4 inch tubing.

So you will need to convert from whatever you but to the 1/4 inch female filter inlet. (Our parts section might be helpful).

Don't Worry!

If you need to sort out the adapters after you order please rest assured that we'll send them out immediately.

As long as you have worked out what you need it really is very simple.

*More about using a Saddle Valve plastic pipes

"The instructions say to fit it to copper pipe as used in the domestic plumbing but it is my intention to use the filter in my campervan this requires it to be fitted to 12mm semi rigid plastic tubing.

I followed the instructions and clamped the connector over the plastic pipe then using the T-bar tightened to pierce the tube then wound out to allow water to flow.

I found the flow to be restricted i.e. only a dribble out of the tap,not to be outdone I undid the clamp and inspected the plastic tubing. The hole in the tubing made by the spike looked very small so I reamed it out with a small drill bit this made a big difference to the flow and i am now very pleased with the result.

I know the mobilehome users would benefit from a bit of competition in the water filter market".

With thanks to Mr Deveraux


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