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Shower Water Filter and Cartridge

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Product CODE: SWF1000

What you get

  • Fits All Showers... Installs In Seconds
  • Reduces up to 99% of Chlorine and other Contaminants
  • Reduces Vapor Inhalation
  • Greatly Reduces Chemical Absorption
  • Softens / De-Scales your Shower Water
  • Brand New, Unopened and in the Original Packaging
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Product Description

Fits All Showers... Installs In Seconds

Reduces bleaching and chemical damage to hair and skin

Imagine the feeling of showering under a waterfall in a tropical paradise.

Well now you can experience it in your own home.

This new to the market, British made shower filter is the "best in class" for filtering your shower water.
Regular exposure to chlorine in a shower can cause brittle hair, dandruff, dry skin, and red irritated eyes.

Medical studies suggest that chlorine aggravates existing eczema or asthma.

Since 50% of our daily chlorine exposure comes from showering, it is important to shower in clean, chlorine free, filtered water.

This cool Shower Filter fits easily to the base of the great majority of shower units and to the top of shower taps.

Very Quick Installation

Provides a natural and healthy shower for you and your family.

And it doesn't just clean your shower water - it also oxygenates it.


• Effective for both hot and cold water

• Reduces up to 99% of chlorine

• Reduces vapor inhalation

• Greatly reduces chemical absorption

• Softens / de-scales your shower water


"What a pleasure!
One of the few times that I have bought a product and it actually works. So much so that I would say that for me as a psoriasis sufferer it’s a life changing event.

After every shower my skin literally dried out and cracked up no matter what creams or bath salts I used.

Now I look forward to my shower and have no anxiety about getting out of the shower as the soft water leaves my skin soft and comfortable.

And as for my hair and scalp I could go on for pages...

Thank you for your product it’s a lifesaver."
Mr. D Farber


shower filter

The specially designed holes in the shower head produce a vortex within the water.

This improves flow and allows oxygen to enter the water stream.

Now you can have a more invigorating shower that uses less water!

This oxygenating technique is used by the world's top hotels and spas.

Now you can enjoy what their guests get.

Don't Just Feel Clean. Feel Great!

Get Softer Skin and Hair.

Plus... descaling action; reduces unsightly scale marks.

Your shower cabinet glass and tiles will look pristine.

I love my shower head water filter. I discovered the company 6 months ago when my family and I had a host of scalp and skin issues. Since using the filters there has been a great improvement in our scalp and skin. Independent Review by (More below) 

Check this Quick Video on How to Install Your Shower and Bath Water Filter

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What is Inside the Shower Filter?

Patent pending active ceramic beads comprising a mixture of dissimilar metals and minerals.

Enhances pH balance for the healthiest most refreshing shower ever.

Active ceramics are a recent development in the production of specially designed, dedicated ceramics.

These Active Ceramics display physical properties of semiconductivity, magnetic properties and light emission (in the far infrared spectrum).

As water passes through the shower head the action on the ceramic beads inside creates an electrolytic effect.

This removes up to 99% of chlorine, bacteria, organic contaminants, VOCs (potentially toxic "volatile organic compounds"), and other harmful impurities.

"Just to let you know that having bought two of these I am recommending them to friends. We live in a very hard water area, and the difference they have made, not only to the shower cubicles, but also to our skin is amazing. Thank you ". Independent Review by Barbara Hale


Will it Fit My Shower?

Yes, it will fit any standard UK shower hose / head.

You simply unscrew the shower hose or head. It is very easy.

No plumber or handyman is required.


Will it Affect My Water Pressure?

You can expect some pressure loss but only 5% max...

The filtration media inside the filter cartridge is "loose" so it doesn't give as much resistance as a "barrier" filter where the water has to be forced through. 

NOTE: Not suitable for some old style electric showers where pressure is already very low. Read more in the "Technical" section - see below*.


Shower Filter Replacements

Click here to read about your shower filter replacements and to buy replacement shower filters now.

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Includes a cartridge that will last you for 6 months

That's only 3 pounds a month for the perfect shower


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Technical Information

Dimensions: (d) 70mm x (w) 70mm x (h) 185mm

Construction: Top quality, highly durable, shiny Moulded Acrylic

Cartridge Life: 6 Months

Cost of replacement cartridges £19.97 incl. free delivery and VAT.


Will It Fit My Shower?

Yes, it will fit any standard UK shower hose / head. 


How Do I Install It?

You simply unscrew your existing shower hose or head and screw on your new shower filter. It is very easy. It will literally take 2 minutes.

No plumber or handyman is required.

Will it Affect My Water Pressure?

You can expect some pressure loss but only around 5% max - almost unnoticeable.

The filtration media inside the filter cartridge is "loose" so it doesn't give as much resistance as a "barrier" filter where the 
water has to be forced through.

*NOTE: Not suitable for some electric showers where pressure is already very low. Your shower pressure must already be reasonable in order for the filter to work properly. (Please note It works fine for some electric showers. What we mean is if the flow is already almost a dribble then the water will not pass through the ceramic beads fast enough for them to perform properly).



Product CODE SWF1000 I SWF 1000 SWF-1000 SWF - 1000




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Three Year Warranty

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Money Back Guarantee

If you don't like what you get, send it back for a full no quibble refund.

If for any reason you decide to return your purchase we promise you a no questions asked THREE MONTH Money Back Guarantee. Click here to read the "large print" about our Money Back Guarantee

We'll even pay your return postage

Please order now to secure today's sale price





Ratings & reviews

wish I’d bought one sooner! - Review by Julie Vale
Thank you for your prompt delivery. It’s been installed and is working great just wish I’d bought one sooner all skin problems due to hard water have already gone I will be purchasing an under sink filter unit very soon. Thank you again for the great service
The best customer and product service - Review by Annie Carlton
I order a replacement every 6 months and have been doing so now for quite a few years. It arrived very fast and as usual everything is perfect. You have the best customer and product service ever out of any company I have ever ordered on line from (and that is a lot of companies a lot of items and a lot of years). Yours is the only company that over the years I have never had any problem with the order or the speed of delivery or the item. Great. You are the best. Thank you
Thank You - Review by S Lewis
My tap water was terrible - very chlorinated and hard leaving an unsightly film floating on top of any tea or coffee . The flavour of the tea /Coffee was always spoiled by the chemical taste and the visual aspect of the scum always left me embarrassed when making drinks for guests. Drinking such heavily tainted water ,surely ,can’t be good for ones health and drinking the water straight from the tap was not a pleasant experience .I opted for the under sink filter with scale remover and after easily fitting it following the instructions the water now tastes wonderful and natural all chemical taint is removed and tea and coffee taste ( and look) fantastic now and the water tastes wonderful straight from the supplied faucet ....It’s great in these times to actually buy something that actually does what it claims to do and at very reasonable price . I don’t usually write reviews as I’m never really blown away as much as I am with this product . I now drink more water everyday as I has a problem staying hydrated with the straight tap water ... not a problem anymore . Thank you
Excellent customer service - Review by Maggie
Excellent customer service - knowledgible good advice - prompt - excellent products. Breath of fresh air knowing there is always a human being to advise at the UK Water Filters and not a call center.
Shower Filter - Review by Anita
VERY happy with this item - my hair feels much softer. Customer Services. Good customer service - very helpful and efficient.
Highly recommend - Review by Jack
I very happy with UK Water Filter Ltd and will be using them again. Their communication is excellent having had queries regarding my order, which I received quickly. I ordered the shower head as a possible solution to the hard water I have to put up with. I invested my time to carefully research quality filters having had useless versions from other companies, which quite frankly are all of the same mould.

This shower head/ filter works. It absolutely lessens the effects of hard water on the skin; its build quality is way beyond what I have had in the past and unlike most shower head filters, it does not slow the flow of water.
10/10 - Review by Poppy
the shower filter has really calmed down my sensitive skin and made my hair all smooth and shiny. the people who work there are extra super helpful and friendly. 10/10 the best.

This review was also placed on MyLocalServices the independent review site.

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good so far - Review by ed
the water filters on and working well. Its a pretty good shower head spray as well, and theres no discernible drop in pressure.
Great for hard Essex water - Review by RH
My hair has been much softer since installing this shower head (which was very easy and I really liked the recyclable packaging too). It's finally repairing after a few months of abuse in very hard and scaly water!
I have been able to stop the steroids I was prescribed for eczema. - Review by Bami
I love my shower head water filter.
I discovered the company 6 months ago when my family and I had a host of scalp and skin issues.
Since using the filters there has been a great improvement in our scalp and skin.
I have been able to stop the steroids I was prescribed for eczema.
I love my new skin thanks to to my filtered water.
I notice the difference to my skin when I am away on holiday for a few weeks and not able to use my water filter.

I recommend this product.
Love the filter - Review by Amazing!
This has made all the difference. My shower water feels soft and it's made a huge difference to my hair which is very fine and I think London water was drying it out and making it frizzy. Hair now shines and feels lovely as does the rest of me!! So glad I bought it.
Great Service - Review by JK
The product I'm using is great. And the support is even better.
Feel soothed after your shower and save pounds on after shower body lotions. - Review by A Kerry
The filter was an unusual but requested birthday present for daughter. It was easy to fit and she is delighted with it. Thank you.
Overjoyed at my discovery and purchase, it was fitted Seconds - Review by C.T. - Somerset
I bought your water filter originally from Healthy House. They have not been selling them recently and did not give me information about your firm. It was by pure accident that I saw them on your website.

Why was I so diligently looking for this particular one, when there were others available, and I had tried two others sold by Healthy House ?

The shower head is superbly balanced, others are awkward to unhook from the shower head holder.

The filter is located in the head, not as a bulky 'screw on' between the hose and original shower head.

Others are clumsy and one cannot direct the spray to wherever one requires the water.

These filters deliver a good spray of water, others produce a pathetic dribble

Fortunately I had saved my first shower head and the extra replacement fits perfectly, easy to pack in my hand luggage consequent I now have one to bring on holiday.

Overjoyed at my discovery and purchase. It was fitted Seconds after it was delivered by the postman.

Somerset is a county where they like messing around in a boat or arriving with a caravan . Most have a shower, toilet and basin rooms. These showers are perfect for such a situation because the water flow in your particular shower is superior to others.

made such a big difference - Review by Simon
Water filter is fine it has made such a big difference to my skin which hates the chlorine in the water now i can shower as often as i need without ending up with dry skin regards
Worth buying - Review by JS
Arrived quickly and easy to install. Has made a difference to my hair, changing it from frizzy to curly (I only wish I'd known what caused the frizz years ago!). Only loses a star because the water stream is quite narrow and can't be adjusted. Pressure and temperature unaffected. (used on a Mira electric shower)
the product is great. - Review by Anne Hillerton
I have used UK Water Filters for many years to purchase water filters for an American style fridge with a chilled water tap. They have always been very fast and efficient with the service and the product is superb.
I have recently purchased a shower head with built-in water filter to help with the hard water problem here. Again the service was fast and efficient and the product is great.
5* - Review by Evelyn Smith
First class service as usual at a very competitive price.
really helped - Review by claire
This product has really helped my skin. the company staff are very helpful and quick to reply

This review was also placed on MyLocalServices the independent review site.

See more great reviews on us at
simple as - Review by Bret
The water filter you sent is simply lollipops, I have no complaints or concerns, it was fitted in seconds and the water pressure improved!
Great shower head - Review by Happy in Essex
The shower head is very good quality - I think it is probably too early (only a couple of days) for me to notice a major difference in my skin quality but I think I notice a difference in that my hair is not so coarse. Overall very happy and good service from this company.
I will try to test this product with water hardness strip test - Review by Teresa
Bought this product yesterday after long search on internet I have found a good one on Amazon website but too expensive and delivery from USA expensive as well. Try to look for filter head showers from UK suppliers and found this website. I will give a try as I bought this product yesterday and I am waiting for it. Also, I have water hardness test strips to check after and before the installation. I am from Madeira Island, Portugal we have soft water and I have curly hair since I moved to the UK (LONDON area and now Cambridge) is being hard so hard to brush my hair, have to spend more money buying shampoo and conditioners, my hair is very very dry and I having chronic hair breakage. My hair was so nice when I was in Portugal. The water here also leaves my skin dry. Hope it works because I gave 5* for this review hahaha
Amazing water filter - Review by Teodora
Usually I don't write reviews for the products I've purchesed but this water filter it's so amazing and so worth it that I had to leave a review. I've decided to order a water filter as my skin got worse since I've moved to London. I've noticed a major difference on my skin and my hair from the first use of the filter. My skin is not itchy anymore . It used to be so itchy and so dry from water, I also have eczema , but now my skin its softer and my hair looks so good. Goodbye fizziness!! Just nice and silky hair.
Another big plus for this water filter its that the water pressure its way much bigger that it used to be! the water pressure increased a lot with this filter. It arrived quick and well packed and good quality! Well worth the money! I wish I found out earlier about it!
TOTTALLY RECOMENDED! You will have no regrets buying it!
I absolutely love the water filter. - Review by Aisha
I absolutely love the water filter. I have exzema and dry skin and was suffering from dryness from my shower nearly everyday. Now i have the water filter my skin is so soft and mousterized. Im so happy and will continue to buy more or even upgrade to buying a full home one in the future.
Delighted - Review by Marie
We had not installed the shower head until this week. I will say that it is
awesome! I was not sure about the small head and using a filter in this way. I
had been using the Sprite filters for many years that filter before the head. We
recently had a new pump installed and the pressure from your shower head is the
best I have had since using a filter; it sprays right our of the bath if angled
wrong. :-)
It is really work! - Review by Christiana
You can really feel the water texture is softer than before.
Less chlorine, less itching ! - Review by greyjaybee
There is distinct improvement with this filter in place and NO chlorine smell atall...less itching and less frizzy hair. All good. Reserving judgement in respect of the longevity of the filter but definitely better than unfiltered for sure.
Fantastic! - Review by Barbara
I'm on my third filter now - this time I bought the replacement cartridge for the shower water filter instead of the whole unit. I notice the difference in how my hair and skin feel after hard water is filtered compared with putting up with hard water unfiltered - really unpleasant - dry itchy skin and hair that feels like rope! So I wouldn't be without the shower water filter now and have recommended it to many other people.
hair is left soft - Review by Jacqueline
My shower head is excellent, hair is left soft and it fitted my portable shower that fits over my hot and cold bath taps. I am really pleased with it.
wonderful - Review by Louise
We love our filters. The shower filter went on immediately!! I will never go without water filters again! Thanks for the excellent service and the wonderful and imperative filters.

Do what I did - tell your hairdresser about the shower filter so that they can install one in their salon hair-wash basin! I told my hairdresser how much nicer my hair is being to me now. She was surprised that it was inexpensive and is now planning on getting one for herself, one for the salon and telling all of her clients! Everyone deserves good skin and hair..spread the word!
Shower feels great !! - Review by David
Arrived the very next day. that was quick !
I installed it straight away and it's working really well. Shower feels great !!
Quick delivery great product - Review by Yusef
The shower head filter was easy to fit and works well. We have a product called Eddy fited to the inlet system that reduses the calcium. This was bought with the idea of redusing the chemicals that the skin drinks while showering. So not notice a great diference
best present ever - Review by Kathy
Hi I bought this water filter for my daughter as she has moved to London and the water is really hard. I received a text from her saying ( I no you bought me a car but the shower head is the best present you've ever bought me in my life ) so thank you very much she is delighted with it.
I will be back in touch with you when it need replacing
Thank again
Shower filter - Review by Alura
Amazing! I was once fortunate enough to live on a ranch in Montana, USA. All the water came directly from a spring. It was the softest, cleanest water I ever experienced. However this filter is serious competition. It's incredible. The water here in Chester is NASTY. Don't forget peeps, taking a shower is equivalent to drinking 8 glasses of tap water. I would happily drink from this filter, even in Chester
Buy This - Review by Tam
My hair has been shocking since I moved to East London. I mooched about on the internet and this seemed like a reasonable option...After less than a week my hair is soft and shiny again. If you have rubbish water, buy one of these, its worth it.
Working perfectly - Review by Monica
The water filter has arrived and is working perfectly thank you. It took me a while to fit as I was unable to get the existing shower head off, but as of 1st July I am sing the new one. Water here is very hard and I now find that I am able to shower without wanting to scratch my skin to pieces afterwards.
Many thanks
Monica King
Awesome - Review by Mel
Wish I had known about this 8 years ago when I moved to London. I always wondered why hair always looked SO much better (and unreplicable) after a salon visit. It is because they have water filters for their sinks! Once discovered this I did an immediate search for a home product and found UK Water Filters and their shower head. Soft hair full of body now.
Really Rather Blooming Good - Review by BillD
Bought this shower filter for my partner. She is not well and drinking or bathing in chlorinated water is bad for her (as it is for us all really!)

I am really very impressed with palpable the change of quality in the shower water now, which is something I hadn't expected to notice to be honest. It definitely feels more velvety and less harsh than the water from the tap next to it. My hair has never felt so good, just a shame I didn't do it years ago when I had more hair to be bothered about!
Excellent - Review by Liz
I can't imagine why I never knew about these kinds of products before now. After receiving my Shower Water Filter and noticed a difference straight after using it. I live in a very hard water area and was getting desperate about the state of my hair and how dry my skin was after a shower. I now fill the bath from the shower head, as well as using it in the regular way for showering and washing my hair and my skin's already feeling the benefits, as is my hair and that's just after a week. It's really easy to order and fits the usual shower hose perfectly. Don't delay in ordering!!
Purrfect - Review by Rehana
Thanks so much, we love the filter and we'd like to leave a review because we don't know if this is pure coincidence but since the day we fitted the shower head our cat is drinking the water from it instead of Her usual bowl! Pretty amazing. Also both filters so far so great..!
Brilliant Shower Filter - Review by Mrs Linda Goode
Thank you for your telephone call this week answering my query about this item size. I have now received the water filter shower head and it fits perfectly. Thank you so much. It does everything as described in your advertisement. I washed my hair this morning and it feels lovely and silky smooth - no frizz. Also I am very prone to skin irritations and I have had no skin reaction after using your filter shower head. I am absolutely delighted.
Shower Filter - Review by Mary Thomas

This was the best filter shower head ever!
Many thanks.

All best wishes-Mary Thomas
Skin -soft and silky. - Review by Wendy
Shower filter leaves skin soft and silky.Thanks.Wendy
Pretty amazing - Review by Rehana
Thanks so much, we love the filter and we'd like to leave a review because we don't know if this is pure coincidence but since the day we fitted the shower head our cat is drinking the water from it instead of Her usual bowl! Pretty amazing. Also both filters so far so great..!
Hair and skin feels softer and smoother - Review by Sean
Filter arrived fine. I love it. Was very easy to fit and it makes a huge difference when I shower. Perhaps it's psychological - I don't know - but my hair and skin feels softer and smoother. Sounds like a bad tv advert doesn't it, but it's true.

Sean Browning