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Reverse Osmosis System

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What you get

  • 1 x High Quality Reverse Osmosis Water Filter
  • Get Beautiful Tasting, Incredibly High Quality Filtered Water, On Tap, 24/7 
  • Kit Includes Everything You Need
  • Easy Self-Installation Under Sink - No Plumber Required
  • Free Help and Support
  • No Quibble 90 Day Money Back Guarantee if not Totally Satisfied - for any reason
  • Plus 5 Year Full Parts Warranty
  • See more product details and Reviews

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Product Description

Reverse Osmosis Water Filters UK

Reverse Osmosis: The most efficient, powerful way to purify your water

If you want to remove a wide range of problem contaminants from your drinking water - like pesticides, bacteria, microplastics, microfibres, heavy metals, fluoride - and many other pollutants - Reverse Osmosis is, without question, your easiest and best solution.

Plus you get great tasting, healthy water!

Read on for full details, plus useful information and tips on what to watch out for when looking for an RO filter.

My overall experience has been amazing ! My RO water filter arrived really quick. Ed was a dream in helping me with any queries. I can’t recommend this company highly enough. I absolutely love my filter. Thank you Rachel J.

How the Filter Fits into Your Kitchen

The filter is designed to fit easily under a standard kitchen sink.

To serve your fresh, purified drinking water you can either get a stylish, small extra tap on your counter top, which you use when you want to drink. (This is supplied as standard with your kit).

Or you can get a "three way tap" - which gives you hot / cold and filtered water. (Here's the three way tap we can supply you with but the system can be used with any make of similar tap. Please ask us about the latest deal if you'd like to get your new RO unit with the 3 way tap).

Reverse osmosis filter fitting into kitchen under the sink

As you may already know, Reverse Osmosis filters are usually expensive. You can easily pay £400 plus.

However, even though our filters are of a higher quality than many on the market, we are offering them to you here at a Special Offer price of £345 - See Today's Special Offer at the top of the screen.

Read on for further details...

Why are These Cheaper than Others on the Market?

Well for a start some people are simply overcharging. They are using the classic sales approach that "if it's expensive it must be good".

Yes, Reverse Osmosis is good. But it doesn't need to be that expensive.

Plus we only sell on the internet. Unlike other retailers, we don't have to pay for expensive shop rents and rates. And we don't add unnecessary "stages" to our RO systems.

Read More

Pros and Cons of Reverse Osmosis

What about "Wasted Water"

Important Note about Acidic water

What about the Minerals?

List of Contaminants Removed by Reverse Osmosis

Installing the System

Replacing the Filters

How Reverse Osmosis Works

What are Reverse Osmosis Stages?

Summary of Features

Pros and Cons of Reverse Osmosis

Pros: RO filtration gives you very high quality water. It removes just about every contaminant you can think of.

Cons: They are more expensive than a standard water filter.

Is it Overkill?

To be honest British tap water is usually good quality. Many people simply want to remove basic contaminants like chlorine in order to get "mineral water" quality for a fraction of the price of bottled water.

Many dangerous contaminants, like bacteria, are taken out by the water treatment plants.

However, other contaminants can get left in the water which RO will remove and a standard water filter won't.

The main reason for choosing an RO unit would be if you wanted to remove a specific contaminant, for example because of an allergy or other medical condition.

Otherwise, if you are simply looking for a good quality water filter, you might be best opting for one of our "Master Purifier" undersink systems.

This is because the initial purchase and ongoing cartridge renewal costs are much lower than an RO.

For example, at the time of writing, the RO is on sale for £267 vs the Master Purifier at £67.

The replacement filters for the RO are £34 every six months vs around £13 for the Master Purifier.

If you do want an RO, please note that we sell very high quality ones at about half the price of many other suppliers.

Be wary about cheaper products though. While ROs do remove nearly all micro-organisms, cheaply made and/or deteriorating parts can greatly increase the risk of contamination through tiny leaks within the system.

UK Water Filters have always offered a great service with excellent after sales service. This is a great product which we have used for many years now. It pays for itself over and over. Steve

Read on for more information and tips.

The Issue of Waste Water

As part of the Reverse Osmosis filtering process about 70% of the water is rejected / wasted.

While this is only lost from your drinking and cooking water - i.e. not all the water you use in your home - in these times of water meters and general environmental awareness, this may be off-putting.

The "waste / rejected water" is automatically sent down the drain. However, you could recycle it e.g. for garden watering.

(You can read more details about this in the quick article about What are the added costs of wasted water with your Reverse osmosis system

Important Note about Acidic Water

One of the side effects of filtering water with Reverse Osmosis is that it can make the water more acidic.

In the natural health and alternative medicine communities, excess acid / "acidosis" is considered to be an underlying cause of many degenerative diseases.

(Interesting fact: Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize in 1931 for his research into the causes of cancer. He claimed it was caused by a lack of cellular oxygenation resulting from acidosis in the body).

In the Far East - where Reverse Osmosis filtration is very common - re-alkalisers are fitted to RO units as standard, to prevent acidicity.

Unfortunately, this is not the case with the great majority of Reverse Osmosis suppliers in the UK and because of this our Eastern friends think, frankly, that we are crazy.

(We only found out about this issue by chance, at a trade fair, during a casual conversation with a Far-Eastern manufacturer. None of our British suppliers had ever mentioned it).

Since then we now supply re-alkerising media as standard with all our Reverse Osmosis systems. It may lower our profit margin but we prefer to follow the "precautionary principle" and sleep soundly at night!

The re-alkaliser media makes the filtered water more alkaline.

It is also thought to result in water that's better at flushing out toxins and waste matter from the body whilst restoring the electrolyte balance.

Please note: If you don't want the re-alkerising media that's fine. Simply ask us to remove it.


How Much Does it Reduce the Acidity?

This depends on how acidic your source water is. But our re-alkaliser will have a significant effect.

You can expect your pH level to rise to at least 6 or more (pH 7 is neutral. Anything higher is alkaline).

What About the Minerals?

A common claim about Reverse Osmosis is that the filtration method is so powerful that it strips the water of everything including essential minerals like calcium and magnesium.

While this usually tends to be put about by people who are selling alternatives to Reverse Osmosis - which are usually not as well proven and, funnily enough, often a lot more expensive - it is actually true.

But here's the thing: they often get the crucial detail wrong.

They usually assume the problem is that by not getting the minerals in your drinking water you're thereby becoming mineral deficient.

But that's not the actual problem.

The real problem is arguably worse than that. What happens is that de-mineralised water will aggressively seek to absorb new mineral molecules.

So when you drink RO - and other types of "de-ionised water" - it might be stripping away minerals from inside your body.

While demineralised water is common in nature - it’s called rainwater and has been drunk by humans since, well, forever... - even before we started throwing things at each other - calcium and magnesium deficiency can lead to a range of health issues including pregnancy disorders, cardiovascular diseases and a higher rate of bone fractures.

But here’s a couple of reassuring facts:

Fact one: An easy solution to the issue is to simply re-mineralise the RO purified water before using it.

That’s why we include high quality re-mineralising media along with the re-alkaliser media. Problem solved.

Fact two: In any case, a good varied diet with lots of fruit and vegetables should ensure you have more than enough minerals to cope with any risk of mineral deficiency. An apple a day will certainly pack your body with more than enough minerals to keep the doctor away.

But again, as above, if you don’t want the remineraliser / realkaliser filter simply let us know and we can exclude it from your kit.

It's 10 years now since I had cancer and the reverse osmosis filter is one of the things that has kept me well. I have to say that it has really made me happy the way you deal with people. Gives me hope there could be a better world. Barbara C

How Hard is it to Install the Filter?

Everything you need is in the pack.

It's very easy to install. No plumber is necessary.

You might prefer to use a plumber. If so, this should be a simple, "one hour callout" job for them at most.

(If you're going to hire someone else to do it, we suggest you use a handyman - they'll probably be cheaper than a plumber - and just as good at what is a very straightforward job).

Otherwise, it is all designed to be done by a householder. Full instructions are included. It should only take you between 30 minutes and an hour. You will need a normal electric drill. That's all.

And we've got friendly (and free) customer support available.

After much research I decided to purchase a reverse osmosis unit from UK Water Filters and have found the product very easy to install and excellent service if any problems - really do know what they are talking about...  good after-sales service. Very pleased and great to have fresh tasting water once again. Maggie

Replacing the Filters

Like all water filters, you will need to replace the filters on the system periodically to ensure maximum performance.

You need to change four of the filters every 6 months. We send you a reminder. The cost for the full replacement kit is £34.

Replacing these is very easy and will take a few minutes at most

Every 3 years or so you will need to change the membrane.

The cost of a new membrane is £79.

All the required filters are included when you purchase the RO system.

Please note: This sale is for a limited number of units. So Get One Now and Save!

Read about how Reverse Osmosis works

For full performance details of our RO units please click here.

Supplied complete with all fittings and ready for immediate installation - including tap.

Features Summary:

  • Everything you need to install the system is supplied
  • Simple installation no plumber needed
  • Full instructions included
  • Easy to use
  • Reliable operation
  • Free Technical Helpline to assist with any problems
  • No Quibble ONE YEAR Money Back Guarantee
  • Buy with complete confidence
  • Five year full parts warranty
  • Easy to use
  • Compact design
  • Failsafe flow restrictor
  • Auto shut-off/on full tank
  • State-of-the-art TFC membrane
  • Plus 4 top quality cartridges
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If for any reason you decide to return your purchase we promise you a no questions asked TWELVE MONTH Money Back Guarantee. Click here to read the "large print" about our Money Back Guarantee.

Please order now to secure today's sale price.

Technical Information


Basic Tech Summary


How Much Water Does it Produce?

List of Contaminants Removed by Reverse Osmosis

Installing The System

Replacing The Filters

Water Pressures

Hot Water

RO Tank Material

Changing the Cartridges


Basic Summary

Everything you need to install the system is supplied

Easy to install no plumber should be required

Full instructions included

Free Technical advice to assist with any problems


Capacity / Production Rate - Gallons Per Day (GPD) 50 Gals

Feed Water Pressure 2.7 bar min to 6 bar max

Feed temp (Degrees C) 4 to 29


Main Unit Dimensions

RO unit: 42 cm High x 34 cm x 14 cm

Storage vessel is 42 cm High x 28 cm wide 


The 12 Litre Tank / Storage Vessel (Freestanding, connected to RO unit by tube, can be placed several yards away - simply ask us for some extra tubing).


Tap Dimensions

(This tap comes with the unit but you can easily use a different type eg a Three Way Tap )

Spout Reach: 120mm 

Height: 240mm

Shank length 70mm (ie under counter)

Tp52 Dimensions

Countertop base disc width is 44mm ie you need 22mm clearance on all sides from the middle of the drilled hole

(Or, if you're short of space, you can remove the base disc to be left with a nice looking 20mm diameter tap base).


Notes on Your Water Supply

The unit should be fed by a water supply that is potable i.e. drinkable.

Please note that Reverse Osmosis is a complex process requiring reliable equipment performing under high pressure. Always know where your water main stopcock is located in the unlikely event of leaks. 

The filter system doesn't have to be at a level below the tap and neither does the tank as long as it's not a gravity fed system.

Back to Technical Contents

How Much Water Does it Produce?

This model will produce 50 GPD ie its "production rate" is 50 gallons per day.

(This assumes perfect conditions ie clean water at the right temperature and that incoming pressure is good).

But when considering how much water is produced by any Reverse Osmosis filter, the most important factor is the size of your RO tank.

This is because your system feeds the tank then stops when it's full.

Here's how it works: When you draw water from your RO you are taking water from the tank. As the tank empties the system refills it at the "production rate" (ie 50 GPD) up to the tank's capacity.

Now, in addition to this, you have to consider that the tank's size is based on the actual physical dimension and not the amount of water it contains. 

You have to also take into account the internal bladder that holds the water inside of the tank.

For example, the bladder inside this unit's nominal 12 litre tank will actually hold between 5 to 9 litres of water. If you draw all the water out of the tank it will take anywhere from half an hour to 4 hours to fill up again - depending on incoming water pressure.

Therefore the amount of water this size produces is 5 to 9 litres per average of 2 hours - on a stop/start basis. (Note that you only have to wait for more water if you fully drain the tank in one go. In our experience this happens very rarely with normal domestic usage).

Other typical tank sizes and the actual water they hold are:

18L nominal tank size: Holds 12 to 15 Litres

40L nominal tank size: Holds 23 to 28 Litres

For High Flow / High Capacity Reverse Osmosis systems click here 

Back to Technical Contents


Is Your Water Pressure High Enough?

The unit is designed to operate between 40 psi (2.7 bar) to 84 psi (5.8 bar) (psi = pounds per square inch). Please note that the only problem you are likely to encounter with operating a Reverse Osmosis unit in your home is if the water pressure is not high enough.

The vast majority of UK homes have water pressure that is higher than the required 40 psi.

If you think you have low water pressure just do this quick and easy check.


How To Check Your Water Pressure

The simplest way to check your water pressure is to turn your cold water tap in the kitchen on full. Stand a few feet away. If you are being splashed with at least a few droplets then your pressure should be high enough.

If this is not happening you should call your local water supplier. They should be able to tell you what your water pressure is and whether it is likely to drop below 40 psi at any time.

Please note: Local water pressure can change - for example as a result of local road works etc. If the unit stops producing as much water as before check if your pressure has changed.

If you think there are any issues with your water pressure, you can opt for our pumped Reverse Osmosis with pump don't worry. Just call us on 020 8761 6611 (or +44 20 8761 6611 if outside the UK).

Back to Technical Contents


Hot Water / Temperatures

The Unit Must NOT BE FROZEN.

The Unit is NOT designed to filter HOT water. It should only filter water at ambient temperature. (Feed temp = 4 to 29 degrees C).

However please note that our Reverse Osmosis units are often used to supply filtered water to hot/boiling water taps and other systems where the temperature is changed. That is fine. But the system itself should not filter hot water.

Back to Technical Contents


What are the Materials Inside the Reverse Osmosis Tanks?

Some people are concerned about the materials the RO tanks are made from and how it might impact their purified water.

This is understandable:

Who wants to filter their water carefully only for it to be somehow polluted in the storage vessel while waiting to be used!

(Just to be clear: RO filtration is a highly effective but slow process. Rather than you waiting for the filter to produce enough water for you, the system purifies the water slowly and fills up the storage vessel / tank. When you turn on the RO drinking tap there's several litres of filtered water waiting for you. The system then refills the tank with whatever you took out).

Our RO tanks / storage vessels are made from highly durable steel. The water doesn't touch this - which is a good thing or the highly purified water could cause the metal to release chromium oxide into the water!

Instead, the water is stored inside an airtight rubber bladder / diaphragm.

This is made from "butyl rubber" which is lined with polypropylene - a commonly used food grade plastic (see "Hazard data" below).

All these materials are industry standard. We have never come across and other type of materials for Reverse Osmosis storage tanks - and, collectively, we've been in water filtration for over 50 years.

(Bear in mind that after leaving the tank the water is purified even further by the post filters).

Polypropylene Hazard Data:

No negative health effects and symptoms.

No negative physical and chemical effects.

No hazard for environment.

Sources: 1) ESIS – European Chemical Substances Information System. 2) Hazardous Substance Data Bank (HSDB) – U.S. National Library of Medicine, 2001-1

Back to Technical Contents

Changing the Cartridges 

The four main filter cartridges need to be changed every six months (Cost £34).

We will send you a reminder every 6 months to change these filters.

6 Month Four Filter Pack Replacement Code: FRO-DM-UKWF

You can order a spare 6 month four filter pack here

The largest filter, the RO membrane has a life of approx 3 years (This depends on your local water quality) You'll know when a change is needed because of the obvious change in taste. We send you a reminder every three years.

Cost of replacement membrane is £79


Replacement Membrane Filter Code: MEM-RO

You can order a spare membrane filter here

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Ratings & reviews

Delighted with it - Review by William Nash
I fitted it on Saturday morning and we are delighted with it and the great taste of what was horrible tasting mains water. We have been buying spring water for drinking and cooking for years. Your RO Filter will save us a lot of heavy shopping and save us lots of money.
great customer servic - Review by M Gray
Really impressed with my RO system, a few teething problems on installation but all readily solved by great customer service and communication. Great not to have to fill up my distiller every night (not to mention the savings on electricity) and such a luxury to have purified water ON TAP! :)
Phenomenal service. - Review by Larry Brown
I have a reverse osmosis water filter supplied by UK water filters and it is a quality product. Replacement filters are shipped the minute you reorder so you get them the very next day. Phenomenal service. I'm actually looking to buy a whole house water filter and I won't go anywhere else.
Excellent Product - Review by Julian
Excellent product, and excellent service. They shoot one reminders, but manage to make it seem personal rather than peremptory. Their response to questions is prompt and personable.
Great TDS Score - Review by Kaspars
TDS (total dissolved solids) score is 5-6 times better than tap water also ORP ( oxidation-reduction potential is 2 times better too.
Fantastic product - would highly recommend - Review by Ian & Emma C
Great company and customer service. The product arrived promptly. My husband fitted it very simply and it has been up and running for 6 months now, with no issues. The water tastes great and we are very happy with it. I would recommend this to all families looking to take the nasties out of your family's drinking water.
RO plant for domestic use - Review by Taffywelsh
I purchased this RO from UK water Filters and I must say it is a well built piece of kit. All the parts needed come with the kit and an instruction sheet for the installation. Anyone with a little savvy can easily install this system. I have no hesitation in recommending UK water filters. The staff are very helpful and nothing seems too much trouble for them. Gary.
Highly recommend - Review by Roy
This company is second to none with respect to the above questions and also go that essential one step further. Highly recommended on all counts.
Exceptional customer service - Review by Angela
I can’t praise UK Water Filters highly enough for their exceptional customer service. I have had my R O Water Filter System about 2 years and had a problem with the tap. I spoke to Ed who immediately offered to replace it for me. The speed, efficiency and concern with which my problem was dealt with and solved was outstanding. I would highly recommend UK Water Filters to anybody looking for a reliable, friendly, helpful water filter company.
Fabulous company - Review by Rose
Fabulous company...really helpful and great customer service. Would recommend to anyone.
highly recommend - Review by Debbie
I don't know what we'd do without our water filter. We live close to a sewage plant so our level of fluoride is humungous.
Since we started to use these filters our water is again drinkable. I use the filtered water to fill my kettle and my steam iron so no descaling for us. I highly recommend this filter to any home. They are something I refuse to do without.
installed easily - Review by Kerri
It arrived with no problems and installed easily. The water tastes great.

My main reason for buying the RO filter was to remove nitrates from the tap water for my aquariums. My tap water is over 40ppm and the RO water from the filter is 0ppm- fantastic! This means I can slowly reduce the nitrates in my aquariums by using 25% RO water in my weekly water changes.

The pH is good too, tap water is 7, and RO water is 7.2.
Experience has been amazing ! - Review by Rachel
My overall experience has been amazing ! My RO water filter arrived really quick. Ed was a dream in helping me with any queries. I can’t recommend this company highly enough. I absolutely love my filter. Thank you
Wonderful company to deal with - Review by Shadi
We have been a customer for quite a few years, excellent service and customer care, particularly like a reminder when the filter is due and easy to use a link to purchase again. This is the most friendly company we have ever come across.
Very affordable - Review by Dave C
I am extremely pleased with this Reverse Osmosis unit. It was easy to install and you can really taste the difference in the water. Unfortunately, it makes it virtually impossible to drink regular tap water as you can smell the chlorine once you are used to Reverse Osmosis.

I've just replaced our first set of filters which was extremely easy.

I wouldn't hesite to recommend this unit.
Great Service - Review by Steve - Grantham
UK Water Filters have always offered a great service with excellent after sales service. This is a great product which we have used for many years now. It pays for itself over and over
Fantastic service - Review by Trish
We have had our filter 8 plus years. A friend stayed with us for 10 days and this was his 'gift' when he left. It's been the best water filter ever !! I taste water at work and ugh !! The water from our reverse osmosis is incredible. We have replaced filters etc and the service is amazing. I just can't fault this company. We had a drippy problem recently and Jon has been more than helpful in helping us locate and solve the problem. Thank you Jon and to everyone else we have ever dealt with at UK waterfilters. It's a pleasure ordering from you :)
very good product - Review by Giovanni
I have been client for 4 years, very good product and great customer services.
Excellent product - Review by Sue B
We have had our reverse osmosis water filter for 6 months. our water tastes great, much improved. The filter was easily fitted. I like that we get a reminder when we need to buy a new filter. Very glad we bought it.
all very good the system works well the water delish - Review by rumbletummy
A good and helpful company. the system is excellent and of very good quality. The water tastes just like my childhood home well water which was of the best quality in fact I used to fill bottles of it to take away, rather like the way I collect mountain water in France.
All good!
excellent aftercare - Review by Sabine Dembkowski
Delivery was prompt and the really provided for an excellent after care service! I would buy again here.
Really good service - Review by Steve in Grantham
Really helpful company, the filters have been made even more easier to put together, and great after sales service, I recommend them
very impressed - Review by Kevin
Just a short belated note to thank you and your team for the service they provided.
My wife had breast cancer and the reverse osmosis filter was the perfect model to filter out various impurities especially oestrogen.
I had a few problems fitting but your team advised me very well and it's all up and running - being a sceptical individual even I was surprised at the difference!
My brother in law who is an environmental engineer was so impressed he was going to order the same machine.
Thanks again to your team.
well pleased - Review by pete
having read so many horror stories about what tap water contains, decided on this product after much research, and glad I did, very pleased and can taste the difference...
Fantastic! - Review by Annalie
We've had this water filtration system set up for about a month now, and we couldn't be happier! While we did have a problem with a leak (potentially just due some faulty threads on the end of one of the filters) we were immediately sent a new one after a quick phone call to the lovely people at Uk Water Filters, no qualms, no hassle and completely free of charge! We sent back the faulty filter (after leaving it to dry out for a few days) and now, everything works seamlessly as it should with no leaks to be seen! Could not be happier with our filter and the incredible customer service. Will be definitely be recommending this website to anyone who asks about filtration systems! :)

Thank you so much,
Take Care,
Great! - Review by DiscoBilly
The system is quite straight forward to fit and the water tastes sooo good.
Really good service
enjoying fresher tasting water - Review by Rob
Everything is completely fine set up was fairly simple and me and my family are enjoying fresher tasting water. brilliant...grrat customer service too.
I wish there were more businesses like yours. - Review by Barbara Cole
It's 10 years now since I had cancer and the reverse osmosis filter is one of the things that has kept me well. I have to say that it has really made me happy the way you deal with people. Gives me hope there could be a better world. Cheers Barbara Cole
Delighted - Review by Sara
Hubby fitted it quite easily. Water tastes great and it was much cheaper than others we looked at
not great - Review by Martin
expected next day delivery, so i took the day off work and courier lost the item. Not impressed and certainly was not taking another day off work, so i canceled my order
Excellent - Review by Elliott
Arrived very promptly as promised, it is now fitted and as you say this is very easy to do. Thanks for the excellent service, I will be in touch when I need to replace the filters
More than satisfied with this - Review by Appun
I just want to say that I am more than satisfied with this. It was very easy to order and the delivery was very prompt. So thank you again very much!
Great service - Review by Julia
THANKS Water Filter arrived safe the next day and was fitted with no problems.Great service!
very happy - Review by Bird
received the water filters thanks and am very happy with them as i have been with all the other filters i have received from you
Thank you - Review by Dennis
Just a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with the quality of your product. I almost bought one from another website but baulked at the price and decided to look on-line again. I am glad I did as I saved almost £100. The filter is now fitted and works perfectly.

Super service - Review by Steve
The filter system arrived in perfect condition and is now in use. Many thanks for a super service. Kind Regards,
Very good service - Review by Mick
The reverse osomsis water filter arrived well packaged and has been installed with no difficulty. We are very pleased with it
Very quick delivery - Review by Mrs D Watson
Thank you for the excellent service. The new filter is fitted and working very well. It arrived the day after it was ordered which is very quick Thank you once again
Great service - Review by Pat
It arrived almost by return. Many thanks for your advice on the phone. I have recommended you to my friend
Very positive indeed - Review by PM
This product arrived very quickly after order. Installation was carried out by me. I had some issues with connecting to the Brita tap I had bought but the company quickly helped and sent the required connectors. I am very pleased with the installation and the filtered water it produces.
don't know why I never bought one earlier - Review by Andrew
I received the water filter only a few days after I ordered it I was impressed by how quickly it arrived actually, I installed it last Saturday and we've been enjoying it all week, I myself have been drinking Evian for the last year it's just a relief not having to go the shop for water all the time and this way my whole family can benefit from using it now I just don't know why I never bought one earlier

Very happy - Review by MaggieCG
I am very happy with the reverse osmosis water filter. I live in Scotland and in general our water is very good and plentiful but living in a semi rural situation we had no choice but to change from a private water supply to a private mains supply several years ago. I immediately used a filter jug to change the taste of the mains water but still found the water dirty on occasions. Recently I decided to look more into a more pure supply and after researching the subject decided on this system. Very simple to install although we decided to use our plumber as we needed some extension piping and a pressure reducing valve fitted. All done and dusted within two hours by the professional.
Great product and company - Review by Richard
I fitted my system at the weekend very simple apart from drilling the Granite work top (30 Mins drilling). The company seems very good and has offered to remind me each year about changing the fillers.
Another Happy customer.
Thank You
Thank you - Review by Mrs Ashworth
I am very pleased with my purchase. The service was very good and the filter works very well.
Very happy so far with my purchase and impressed with all online communication from the company. - Review by Maggie
After much research I decided to purchase a reverse osmosis unit from Uk Water Filters and have found the product very easy to install and excellent service if any problems - really do know what they are talking about. They even send out reminders to change the filters, all good after-sales service. Very pleased and great to have fresh tasting water once again.
Never had better water - Review by Steve
Did hours of research....the water filtration game can be complicated to say the least. Decided on an Reverse Osmosis system. From the first glass we have not had better tasting water in our lives. Very very glad we chose this method to deal with the contaminants in the water.
First Class Support. - Review by Salvatore Buonucci
We ordered the RO last year,we had a minor problem with one of the connections-the team at UK Water Filters sorted it immediately.I continue to buy the replacement filters from them and find the filters and the
service to be first-class.
Reverse Osmosis - Peace of mind. - Review by Mr Khan
I spent 20 minutes on the phone asking questions about the unit before buying. The staff member was called Jon, he was very patient and knowledgeable. He said it was the most "robust"way to filter the water - he was right! I am very pleased with my purchase. I bought the system for peace of mind and i have it. Thank you.
Nothing but praise - Review by Dave
Nothing but praise, kept in touch from the first step and when we had a slight delay I was promptly informed as to the problem, all fitted the same day too!!!

I look forward to using you again in the future
Dave G