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Undersink Filter System to Replace Brita P1000 Plus Anti-Scale Filter

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Product CODE: SHU2000-Brita

What you get

  • This is the Initial Cost for the New Housing and Cartridge. 
  • You get EVERYTHING YOU NEED to change over
  • Then it's only £29.97 for a New Cartridge every 6 Months
  • Current Cost of Brita P1000 is £90 every 6 Months You Save Over £100 a Year  
  • Easy Self-Installation - No Plumber
  • Also Replaces the "On Line Active P1000" Cartridges
  • Fully Compatible with Brita Kelda, Perrin & Rowe, Marena, & Torlan Tap Filter Systems
  • No Quibble 90 Day Money Back Guarantee if not Totally Satisfied - for any reason
  • We'll Even Pay Your Return Postage!
  • Plus 3 Year Full Parts Warranty
  • See more product details and Reviews

Product Description

Replace My P1000 Brita

Replace your Brita P1000....

With our classic "Master Purifier"


Check this 1 minute VIDEO on how to change your Brita P1000 with our classic master purifier filter

Your Best Choice

We can supply you with an upgraded new housing unit - to replace your Brita P1000.

Save over £100 a year !

The top quality new filter you get features our best selling "Anti-Scale Master" water filter.

This cartridge is a carefully designed mix of Granular Activated Carbon - which filters out a wide range of impurities from your tap water giving you great tasting drinking water.

Plus a special anti-scaling media.

Its powerful performance brings you the best purification in its class.

Join the many customers who've replaced their Brita water filter with this high-quality economical alternative, while keeping their existing tap and connection to the water supply. It's easy to do and only takes a few minutes. (We give full instructions and support).

Here's what it removes from your tap water:

  • Chlorine
  • 99%
  • THMs (trihalomethanes) ECBs, OCBs, TMEs
  • 90% to 99%
  • Pesticides
  • 90% to 99%
  • Herbicides
  • 90% to 99%
  • Industrial Solvents (halogenated hydrocarbons) PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) PAHs (polycyclic hydrocarbons)
  • 90% to 99%
  • Discolouration
  • 95% plus
  • Rust Particles, Silt, Algae
  • 99%
  • Benzene, Petroleum Solvents, Oil Residues
  • 85%

Don't be surprised if your water tastes even better and purer than before.

Fitting Your New Unit

This should be very easy. All you do is basically take the tubing out of the old Brita filter and push it into our new one. (See Video)

Don't worry. Full and easy fitting instructions are supplied.

Plus you get a free and friendly pre and after sales helpline.

Please rest assured that our own-brand filter is at least as good as the Brita.

Plus it comes with a full no quibble Money Back Guarantee

If you don't like it, for whatever reason, simply send it back and we'll give you a full refund.

We'll even pay for your return postage!

Changing Your Cartridge

Your filter cartridge will need changing every 6 months.

(The life of the cartridge is double the 3 months of the Brita. This means less fuss with changing the filter).

How much will it cost me?

The price of your replacement cartridges will be £29.95 every 6 months - depending on sales and so on.

Current cost of Brita P1000 is £45 every 3 months

Recent Questions:

Visitor: Hi i have a tap that uses the Brita filter P1000 but it has a light on the tap that tells me when to change the filter will this still work with your replacement product thanks the tap is struana 3 way tap if this is any help Thanks

UKWF Staff: Hello Thank you for your enquiry. You will lose the light function on the tap with the Brita P1000 replacement unit we supply. However the light is just simply a timer and we send an email reminder every 6 months when your filter needs to be replaced.

Switch to our great alternative and you can save approx £110 within a year

 (Ongoing savings will be £100 a year)

Everything You Need is Included in Your New Kit

Here's what you get

  • One High Quality Undersink Housing Unit - will last you a lifetime
  • Some adapters to connect your tubing to our housing - no plumbing required

Everything comes with a 3 Year warranty. Buy with confidence. We'll quickly replace anything that's broken.

Plus 90 day Money Back Guarantee

Quick and easy installation: You could be drinking beautiful, fresh, purified water within 5 minutes of receiving your kit. It takes us 2 minutes to set up one of these systems. Of course we've done it many times, but we're saying this to give you an idea of how easy it is. You can expect it to take you between 5 minutes to 10 minutes or so, to set it up yourself. Fit it once and use it forever! (These systems are very tough and should last you at least 20 years).

Plus: Special Bonus: Order today and we'll include a Free easy-change spanner (Usual price £7.39).

Only £47


With FREE Delivery

Immediate Dispatch

Purchase with Total Confidence

Money Back Guarantee

If you don't like what you get send it back for a full no quibble refund.

If for any reason you decide to return your purchase we promise you a no questions asked THREE MONTH Money Back Guarantee Click here to read the "large print" about our Money Back Guarantee

PLUS We'll even pay your return postage !

Please order now to secure today's sale price


Technical Information


Dimensions of Your Brita Compatible Housing

Height Approx 14 inches (35cm) at Highest Point

Width 4.5 inches (110mm) at Widest Point

Blue Housing Dimensions

Cartridge Dimensions

Height 9 and 3/4 inches (248mm)

Width 3 inches (75mm). 

Your Connections

We send your kit with all the connections you need to retrofit your Brita tap and replace your old Brita P1000 filter

Your Brita Filter Connectors


You screw in the 3/8th BSP male thread into your existing flexi hose and you're good to go!

Features summary:

  • 3 litres per minute flow rate - That's fast enough. No waiting around
  • Compact design requires little space under sink
  • Simple installation: No plumbing required
  • Easy cartridge changes
  • Economical - a replacement cartridge costs 29.97 and lasts 6 months.
  • Guaranteed for 3 years - Buy with confidence. If there are any problems we'll replace it for you.

Product CODE Brita SHU+ASC-2000 I Brita SHU+ASC 2000 I Brita P1000



Shipped Immediately

With FREE Delivery

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No hidden extras

Purchase with Total Confidence

Three Year Warranty

Plus your

Money Back Guarantee

If you don't like what you get, send it back for a full no quibble refund.

If for any reason you decide to return your purchase we promise you a no questions asked THREE MONTH Money Back Guarantee. Click here to read the "large print" about our Money Back Guarantee

We'll even pay your return postage

Please order now to secure today's sale price





Ratings & reviews

highly recommend - Review by Steve
The Brita P1000 conversion kit arrived very quickly and communication regarding delivery by DHL was good.
My original installation was slightly different and I required different pipe push fit connectors.
I mailed UK Water Filters with a photo and after confirming details were correct the new push fit pipe connectors arrived by DHL the next day.
Installation was easy with no issues.
I can highly recommend this filter conversion and UK Water Filters.
Fantastic - Review by Martin MacPhee
What can I say the filter arrived promptly and was fitted straight away. The water is fantastic, don't know why we didn't fit one sooner.

Thanks for all your help
Excellent price, Excellent customer service - Review by Anon
I can’t remember how long I’ve been getting my water filters from these guys . Must be 12 years
Prompt delivery, excellent price, excellent customer service
Would thoroughly recommend.
Thank You UK Water Filters - Review by Mark Webb
I needed an answer to the fact my Britta filter system was costing an arm and a leg every time I needed a new cartridge.
UK Water Filters LTD were the answer with a fantastic Filter kit to get me away from the over priced Britta stuff.
The kit came with full instructions and a video which all made the new kit easy to fit.
I'm now enjoying filtered water without having to take a out a bank loan to do it.
Thank you UK Water Filters LTD
brilliant service - Review by Quince
I swapped the inlet and outlets to 3/8" easily enough to replace a Franke housing without having to fiddle with different hoses and adaptors.

Works great and the flow rate is better than the Franke too.
no problems at all - Review by Steve Mallinson
Filter appears to work ok. Only fitted today so a little early for comments. Very easy to fit no problems at all and replacements are much cheaper than originals. No real negatives to purchase.
An excellent filter - Review by David Brian Batchelor
An excellent filter for drinking water, and it lasts many months. As soon as the inside of the kettle needs descaling I know that it is time to change it.

This review was also placed on MyLocalServices the independent review site.

See more great reviews on us at
Happy - Review by RO
Excellent delivery service, item well packed and easy to fit as a replacement for Brita P1000. Working well so far.
excellent product - Review by davmo
Easy to change cartridge every 6 months and takes up minimal space
Pleased to find a good replacement - Review by C Quinn
Kit arrived promptly, parts came with PTFE tape already applied to the threads of connectors, which was a thoughtful touch. Water tastes at least as good as the Brita unit that it replaced - my wife claims it is better.
top marks - Review by Gurpreet
I received the filter and was able to change it easily, the instructions are really clear.

I do prefer your system over the Brita one as it is easier to change without causing any water spillage due to the filter being in a container, top marks on design.
Excellent water quality - Review by Yoram
Got it and installed it. I needed two spanners to make sure the connectors were on tight enough but apart from that minor fiddle the water has been excellent, both the quality and flow rate. Definitely ditching Brita filters from now on
very impressed - Review by Charles
I received the filter and substituted it for the Brita one fitted by the kitchen people some months ago. I am very impressed both with the advice I received from you when I rang to enquire and with the ease of fitting when I received it. I'm delighted with your filter. The product works equally as well as the Brita which is a much more expensive product supported by extensive media advertising but delivers no better water quality.

Thank you for offering great value for money and for having a knowledgeable and friendly customer service ethic.
perfect. - Review by barns
I brought this to replace the expensive Brita filters, it was easy to fit, and works as well if not better than the Brita one. Good clear water, perfect.
Better than Brita - Review by Ken Brown
I can honestly say that the quality of the filtered water is better than I had from the Brita, it tastes cleaner and there is no suggestion of a scum on top of my morning tea.... Brilliant. I would recommend your filters to anyone.
Excellent - Review by Nannying
Superb speedy service. Follow up email to check that the item had arrived and was working OK. Helpful advice over the phone prior to purchase.
Pretty straightforward fitting with printed step by step guide supplemented by the very useful video on this website.
Brita should look to their laurels. Same function, practically half the price, excellent customer service, no contest
Brilliant product - Review by Holiday50
Ordered this product after taking advice from the company.
Amazingly easy to fit - and - it works. Our difficult, hard unpleasant water is crystal clear and tastes oh so very good. That alone, never mind the the considerable savings make this product worth buying.
Cannot believe the level of Customer Service. Excellent advice backed by a simple how to fit video and next day delivery.
1st time replacement - Review by David
I have always bought my replacement direct from Brita. This time I bought from UK Water Filters. It arrived in 2 days and I easily fitted it within minutes following the very good instructions. Why pay more for less I say!
fantastic service and an excellent price - Review by Mike
Got the unit shortly after ordering them. Fitted one the same day, fantastic service and an excellent price. I will recommend your site and filters to anybody that requires them.Regards Mike