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How To Recycle Your Water Filter

How We’re Going Green and Helping You to Recycle Your Water Filters

Regardless of the industry, there’s a growing recognition that we all need to face up to the climate crisis and consider how our activities impact our precious planet.

At UK Water Filters we’ve always tried to be green. In fact a major reason for starting the business was because water filters help reduce the use of plastic bottles.

Now we want to reduce our carbon footprint even further.

What We're Doing

There is a lot of unnecessary plastic used in the water filters business, both with the filter casings and, as with too many products, with the packaging.

  • We’re working on reducing our plastic usage by 80%.

  • We have hugely reduced our packaging impact by recycling cardboard boxes to use for wrapping and void fill.

  • If and when we have to use bubble wrap we only use the greener type that we air-fill in the warehouse - saving unecessary bulk / transport carbon.

  • We recycle and resell filter housings wherever possible

  • We recycle many of the components used in production

  • We follow best green practices in our workspaces eg by using infra red heating, powered by a green electricity supplier plus using locally sourced, green stationary and so on.

  • We encourage our customers to recycle their filters

Going greener is a serious priority for the business and we continue to work on improving our performance.

How to Recycle Your Water Filter

Here is a guide to how you can recycle or re-use your water filter.

Find your filter in the list below.

Please note: 

Please don't send only ONE filter cartridge back for recycling. This uses unecessary transport carbon.

It’s best to store up and send two or three - or more - cartridges at a time. Thank you.

Recycling Inline Types Recycling Undersink Types Recycling Reverse Osmosis

All Other Types

We're continually working on solutions for specific filters. We will update this page as we make progress.

Your Questions

Q: Do I need to prepare the filter before sending it back?

A: Simply dry it out before sending in the post ie stand the cartridge on end so that any water can flow out. Please be careful to do this because if any water leaks out in the post the Royal Mail etc will probably throw it away. It will be a total waste.

Q: Do you pay for the delivery?

A: Sorry not for single cartridges. But we might be able to pay if you have more than 10 to send together. So perhaps you can get together with neighours?

If you have this many please call us to discuss.

Or what you can do is store up any of your own used cartridges so that you can send them in bunches. If you dont want to save up as many as 10, but have a few, you could use, a great website for economical deliveries.

Q: Where do I send them to

A: Please send them to

UK Water Filters Recycling
Unit D120
Park Hall Business Centre
62 Tritton Road
SE21 8DE

Please don't send only ONE filter cartridge back for recycling. This uses unecessary transport carbon.

It’s best to store up and send two or three - or more - cartridges at a time. Thank you.


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