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Heavy Metals Removal Water Filter System - Whole property

1 x High Quality Heavy Metals Reduction Filter Cartridge

Large diameter water filter housing that it goes inside

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What you get
Product Description

Heavy Metals Removal Filter

This is a whole property water filter housing and advanced multimedia cartridge to remove heavy metals from your water supply.

The filter has a max flow rate of 21 litres per minute which is within the parameters of most properties (See how to check your flow rate)

If you have a higher flow rate please contact us for a customised quote


- Effectively eliminates water discoloration caused by tannins

- Works efficiently in water with low TDS, low hardness, high hydrogen sulfide (H2S), and pH ranging from 5 to 9

- Requires minimal salt consumption for operation

- Provides protection against scale build-up on expensive heating elements

- Removes metallic taste from water for a better drinking experience

- Enhances the color and odor of water, resulting in improved overall quality

- Gives you clear blue water in the bathroom and helps maintain healthy skin without dryness

- Safeguards household appliances from potential damage while preventing unsightly water marks on tiles and plumbing fixtures

What You Get

  • A 10" x 54" Heavy Metals water treatment housing unit. This size means there is sufficent contact time to remove the metal contaminants.

  • 20 micron pre-filter to protect the main unit from water turbidity

  • A salt softener to protect the filtration media in the main unit

Exactly how much of the contaminant metals is removed will vary depending on factors such as the local water chemistry, the extent of the contamination and the life stage of the filter.

(To ensure totally filtered drinking and cooking water for human consumption you should consider adding a point of use / under the sink Reverse Osmosis system either in addition to, or instead of, this whole of property anti-metals filter.)

Replacement Parts / Ongoing Costs

The main unit filtration media should last you five years before it needs changing. Replacement media costs £597.
(Product Code: HM-REF21L

The pre filter should last for up to six months, depending on local water quality (you will notice flow water /  pressure drop when they get used up. Current cost for a  replacement pre filter is around £24 (Product Code: UKWF-PF-LD-10/20

The Salt A 25kg bag will last you approximately 45 to 65 days.  This is based on an average domestic peak water flow rate of 16 litres per minute. 

Delivery Costs

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Heavy Metals Removal Water Filter System - Whole property
Technical Information

Main Unit

Inlet / Outlet 1" / One inch BSP Male

266mm wide x 300mm dia x 1565mm high (Height includes top valve) 

Brine Tank

400mm dia x 815mm high

No alarm for low salt levels 

Look inside brine tank to check level

A 25kg bag will last you approximately 45 to 65 days


Maximum Temp - 120 F / 50 C

Maximum Pressure - 125 psi

Material - Polypropylene

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