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Fohen Boiling Tap Compatible Replacement Water Filter

Excellent Alternative for Your Fohen Water Filter

Protects Your Fohen Boiling Tap and Tank from Limescale

Plus Gives You Beautiful Tasting, High Quality Filtered Water

Easy Self-Installation Under Sink - No Plumber Required

No Quibble 90 Day Money Back Guarantee if not Totally Satisfied - for any reason

We'll Even Pay Your Return Postage!

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"My third renewal with you. Yes they look different but they always fit easily and work fine. Hell of a saving! The manufacturers must love you :) "


UK Water Filters Promise

If you change your mind about your purchase, for any reason, within 90 days, you can return your product for a full and complete refund. PLUS we will pay for your return postage (UK)

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3 Year full parts warranty

What you get
SKU: HT-Bristan

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Product Description

Fohen Boiling Tap Compatible Replacement Water Filter

  • Perfect compatible replacement water filter for your Fohen Hot Tap

  • Replaces Fohen carbon phosphate water filters

  • Protects your Fohen tap from limescale build up

  • Excellent taste and odour reduction

  • You get everything you need to swap over

  • British made using only top quality materials

  • Replace every 6 months*

  • Full Money Back Guarantee if not totally satisfied

  • Can be Stored for Years (IF never used / wet)

  • Brand New, Unopened and in the Original Packaging

How Long Does it last For?

*This filter should Last for 6 months in 95% of UK Water Areas

Dependent on your local water chemistry.

It can be hard for us to be completely sure that this filter will stop limescale for the entire 6 months - due to there being thousands of local water treatment plants in the UK, each with it's own a unique water chemistry - which can change regularly.(Even within the same area and postcode the water source can be different).

However, please rest assured that the cartridges do work well for the full 6 months for at least 95% of our customers.

You will know the filter's worn out when the limescale indicator on your Fohen changes (if you have one)... or ifyou see "film" on your tea and coffee... or you start tasting chlorine... or it's past 6 months - whichever is the sooner.

If you're in a particularly bad scale area the flow rate can make a big difference to how long the anti-scale element of your filter lasts. The slower the better.

We'll send you a free flow rate regulator / shut off valve to alllow you to adjust the flow rate of water through the filter into the tank.

How to Swap this New Filter with Your Fohen Original?

It's easy!

You simply swap out the old Fohen filter cartridge with our new one.

All you need to do is remove the in/out tubes and insert them into your new compatible cartridge.

Apart from that simply follow the original change instructions eg turning off the power supply and flushing the filter through etc.

(We send full instructions too!)

Free Tube Adapters?

Most original Fohen cartridges accpet 1/4 inch diameter plastic tubing. 

This is the industry standard and that's the size of our replacement compatible filter.

So you probably don't need to do anything except swap out your Fohen filter for our replacement

However some Fohen versions might have 3/8 tubing (9.6mm). If so we can supply a free tube adapter.

(If you do need it it only takes a few seconds to setup. And you only need them once.)

The filtration material inside the Fohen and our filters does the same job ie purifies your water and removes limescale.

And we'll send you a Free Mounting Bracket to fit your new filter.

(Note make sure to add this clip in the pop up you'll see when checking out.)

Not in a Hard Water Area?

If you are not in a hard water / limescale area then save yourself money by getting this standard inline filter.

However if you are in a very hard water area and want to better protect your hot tap / water tank then consider this more powerfulanti-scale filter.

It will also connect to your existing Fohen tank - but, if you choose that option, ask us for the free tube adapters (form 3/8th to our standard 1/4 inch tubing).

Does it Void Your Warranty?

Fohen and other boiling tap companies might say they will only warrant the original filter type supplied and claim it is "formulated specifically for their product"

... and that If you change it for an alternative filter it may have a "detrimental effect" to the system so will invalidate your warranty.

Well you do need an anti scale filter to prevent scale build up in your boiler (like you would for a kettle).

So, as far as that's concerned, any attempts to get you to keep using their filter would be fair enough.

But claiming a different filter will damage the unit is arguably like saying that using a different lightbulb to the one supplied will damage the light.

How can we put this any more politely?

Conclusion: The filter will NOT damage your boiling tap. But the manufacturer might use it as a reason to void your warranty.

Don't worry!

Although many customers have bought these alternatives and are perfectly happy with them, please don't worry. It's all on a Full Money Back Guarantee basis.

If you don't like it for any reason you can send it back!

Will it Affect Your Scale Reading?

No it won't affect your scale monitor / read-out. This will work in the same way as before.

Will it Affect Your Filter Warning Light?

It shouldn't do! That light is almost certainly set on a simple timer.

Just reset the light in the usual way.

Free Wall Mounting Clip

We'll include a wall mounting clip with your order - for free.

You can use this to mount the filter neatly in your cupboard.

You'll only need to fit this once - they're easy and convenient.

(The clip is optional. Simply add it from the screen pop up at the checkout stage.)

Don't forget: There's a Full Warranty and Money Back Guarantee with this filter so if you don't like it for any reason you can send it back.


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PLUS We'll even pay your return postage !

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Product Code: HT-Fohen

Bristan Boiling Tap replacement filter
Technical Information
  • Female 1/4 inch OD Tubing Connectors (we supply the tube and easy-adapters for this)
  • Diameter: 67mm / Length: 310mm
  • Lasts for 6 Months after first getting wet
  • Can be Stored for Years (IF never used / wet)
  • Brand New, Unopened and in the Original Packaging

This filter is compatible with and can replace original Fohen boiling tap carbon and phosphate water filters.



5cm / 2 inches


Main Body

25.2cm / 9.9 inches

SKU: HT-Fohen

SKU: HT-Bristan
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