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Restaurants / Pubs / Cafes

- a great alternative to overpriced and wasteful bottled water, that can also add to your bottom line

There is a growing backlash against the use of bottled water.

Restaurants and pubs in the UK have come under fire for supposedly “pushing” expensive bottled water on their customers – some of whom reportedly feel a little awkward about asking for tap water.

restaurants bars

Various media campaigns were launched to encourage people to opt for free tap water in restaurants.


But there is a conflict here:

People go out to enjoy something special...

What these media campaigns might be missing is the fact that many people are opting out of bottled water not because of the cost so much as the environmental damage caused by bottled water.

In the UK about three billion bottles of water a year are consumed - half a billion of which come from abroad - and they all have to be transported to the restaurants, pubs and shops where they are sold. 

Besides the environmental costs of making the bottles - and the difficulties of their disposal -  transportation of bottled water in Britain alone produces over 33,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions a year. This is the equivalent to energy used by over 6,000 homes.

As we all become more aware of environmental issues, more and more people are feeling uncomfortable about drinking bottled water.

And there is arguably a resentment factor aimed at services which don't reflect their concerns.

Here's a possible solution:

You Can Offer Your Customers Purified Water

A great solution for restaurants bars and pubs could be to offer filtered tap water to their clients.

These can be presented in customised bottles or served in glass jugs with lemon. Charging could be optional.

restaurants bars pubs 

PLUS all the water in your restaurant can be filtered and softened.

The water filter will remove chlorine and other contaminants from all your taps.

Your chef can cook without chlorinated water.

You can fill up your customer's special water jugs / bottles with the purified water straight from the tap.

Meanwhile the anti-scale part of the filter will help remove unsightly water marks from glass and plates.

And it will prevent scale forming and protect your water-using equipment and appliances.

Unsoftened water can play a major role in the clogging, and breakdown of some of your most important equipment and appliances by creating hard water scale build-up in dishwashers, steamers and espresso machines, and reduce the efficiency of ice machines.

If you already have a softener that's no problem. The filter will simply enhance its performance.

It will save on use of detergents.

All this with no loss of water pressure


restaurant water filter

What is required?

Install one of our amazing active ceramic bead filters inline with your incoming mains water supply. (A plumber can do this easily within a couple of hours).

It gives an extremely high quality filtered water, improving the taste of your food.

This is an extremely high quality water filter that is on offer here at a bargain price.

It outperforms any other restaurant or cafe water filter on the market.


  • Sleek stainless steel unit
  • Removes chlorine and other contaminants
  • Gives you bottle quality water
  • Extremely compact
  • Very simple to install 
  • Absolutely no maintenance required 
  • Uses no power
  • Filters your entire water supply
  • Water is made more alkaline / less acidic improving taste
  • Normal minerals left intact in water
  • Your customers will prefer it as a green alternative to mineral water
  • British designed and made - reduces your carbon footprint by reducing your "consumer goods miles"
  • Totally recyclable - we take back your old unit to refurbish
  • Tea and coffee are less acidic 
  • Water takes less time to boil.

Technical Information

What is the filtration method?

Patent pending active ceramic beads comprising a mixture of dissimilar metals and minerals.

Active ceramics are a recent development in the production of specially designed, dedicated ceramics.

When immersed in water these Active Ceramics display physical properties of semi conductivity, magnetic properties and light emission (in the far infra red spectrum).

The effect is similar to a miniature electric cell,

As water passes through the filter the action on the beads creates and electrolytic effect which removes up to 99% of chlorine, plus combats bacteria, organic contaminants,VOC's (potentially toxic "volatile organic compounds"), heavy metals, and other harmful impurities.


The active ceramics "Biocera (TM) " filtration media inside the whole house filter is NSF certified. This is the internationally recognised American standard for drinking water media and products.

NSF water filter certification 

How Long does the Filter last?

It lasts 24 months.

No maintenance is required during this time.

Simply fit and forget.

At the end of its life the filter needs to be replaced fully with a new one. However if you return the old casing after purchase we will refund you (amount depends on size - see links below, or call us for further details).

Three size options to fit all your requirements

Click on the size for further prices and other details  

Standard size: 20 L / min flow rate

Medium size : 40 L / min - £785 plus VAT

Large size : 60 L / min - £1100 plus VAT