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Water Testing FAQ

Why should I test my water?

Water might be clear, odorless and tasteless but it dissolves many things that it comes into contact with, be it underground rock formations containing minerals, or the pipes in your home. The resulting contaminants are unseen, can't be smelled or tasted, so professional testing is the best way to be confident your water is safe to drink.

How do I get my water tested?

We send you a sampling kit with everything needed for testing. You simply fill the bottles according to the sampling instructions you received in your kit.

Please completely fill out the sample registration form, and most importantly, record the date and time you collected your sample and send it back to us.

What tests are needed?

The analysis should be based on your water source and what contaminants may potentially be in the water, as well as potential regulations for end use. We are able to refine the list of parameters necessary for testing to reflect the water use, etc.

Do I need UKAS testing?

UKAS testing is necessary to demonstrate regulatory compliance. Depending on the final use of the water supply, you may be required to have a UKAS accredited test. However, if the water quality results are purely for informational purposes or for private use, then UKAS is not required. Read more about UKAS testing

How much water needs to be shipped?

This will depend on the type of analysis. We provide all the sample bottles needed when you order a kit. Please make sure to fill all bottles according to the instructions provided.

When will I receive my results?

This depends on the type of test you choose, as some tests can be performed more quickly than others. Details are in each test details page

Will I be able to understand the test results and what they mean?

Test results are provided in a report comparing them to established standards. We also have highly knowledgeable staff available for further assistance.

Why do samples need to be shipped back overnight?

Certain analyses are required to be done within a specified time period. For example, bacteria testing must be done within 24 hours of collection, so samples should be shipped overnight to ensure valid and accurate results.

Do you test for chlorine?

Chlorine has a very short stability period (minutes from the time it is collected), so this is a test best done on-site.

What about pesticides and herbicides?

We don’t test for pesticides and herbicides (even when we test for them we very rarely find them). But if you want a special test we can arrange this for you. (It involves glass bottles which are hard to post).

The idea that pesticides and herbicides were left over from the 50s and 60s is something of a myth. They will alsmot certainly have dissipated. The historic problem tends to be Nitrates - which we do test for.

Do you test for hydrocarbons

We don't offer a test for hydrocarbons because they'll only be relevant if your property has been near a petrol station/garage (think leaking petrol tanks etc)... But even then it also depends on your local geology. Put simply it might have all been washed away. If you want to be sure then we can offer a test but it’s expensive. Please contact us

What happens if you find a problem with my water?

There are many water treatment technologies to fix all kinds of problems. We offer a free consultation service guidance and will recommend solutions for you on a "if we were in your shoes" type basis.

How often should I test my water?

The frequency of testing and servicing of your water supply depends on the complexity of your system, the components involved, the quality of the water and the risk posed to the supply/end user from contamination.

Best practice would be to test the system and have the water quality analysed annually.

We can help evaluate your water use and purpose, and recommend a sampling frequency based on regulations and/or risk. Please contact us.

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