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Adapter Selection Pack

Help Finding Your Correct Water Filter Connection

If you’re looking for a specific adapter - for example to repair a broken part etc - we have learned from long experience that it is very difficult to sort out the right adapter size over the phone.

We spend several hours a week talking to customers about what they *might* need. But all too often what we agree to send out turns out to be the wrong part.

We don't want to waste your time so rather than going back and forthon the phone and sending out the wrong adapters - sometimes more than once! - the quickest way for you to get what you need is to do one of the following:

First: Check the Guide to Identifying your adapter


Option 1: Send us a Photo

If you've checked the guide and still can't identify what you need the next step is to take a photo with your mobile and email it in for us to look at.

1) Take more than one photo eg show us the broken part and/ or what it was attached to...

2) Please use size guides like a coin or a ruler.

If you're "old school" and find it difficult to email in a photo that's OK :) You can post it in to us instead. If so please:

1) Enclose a clear note with your name and phone number

2) Enclose an SAE for us to return it to you - hopefully with a replacement

Option 2: Get an Adapter Selection Pack

This comprises all of the most common adapters needed for water filters It’s almost 100% certain that what you need will be in this pack.

You simply pick out the ones you need, make sure they fit, and send the rest back.

How it Works

You pay a deposit of £25. (Please note that the value of the adapters we send you is much higher than this).

We send you the Adapter Selection Pack which comprises all of the most common adapters needed for water filters.

It’s almost 100% certain that what you need will be in this pack.

Once you've got the pack you pick out the one(s) you want and send back the rest using the Freepost Returns Label we supply

Once we've got this back we refund your deposit less the payment for any adapters you’ve kept.

(If you return all the adapters - provided they haven't been damaged - you will get all your deposit back - ie there is no charge for the service).

Please Note: when you send back the unwanted adapters make sure to add a note with your name and postcode

Get your Adapter Selection Pack Here


Q: Can I get fewer adapters and pay a smaller deposit?

A: If you know the adapters you want you can simply buy them from the website. Here's the full list of the adapters / connectors we stock

You can send any that you don’t need back for a refund..

Q: Can I talk to you more about what I need?

A: Everything we can help you with is in the main guide to adapters should be in the Adapter Selection Pack kit. You will save a lot of time and effort just by getting it. Once you have the adapters in front of you it will make a lot more sense. If you're still stuck then email us a photo of what you need and we'll see if we can help.

Q: What if what I need isn't in the pack?

A: We stock almost all water filter adpaters / coonnectors and related accessories. If what you need isn't in the pack then it's probably a plumbing standard part. So you’ll need to try your local plumbers. (Water filters and plumbing are on different guages/standards. We only stock water filter accessories).

You can send everything back to us for a full refund

Get your Adapter Selection Pack Here

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