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Cottages Country Houses Own Non mains Water Filters Solutions

Non Mains Water Supplies

Water Filters for Cottages, Country Houses and any building where no mains water supply is available

Country houses and cottages which have their own supply / are not on mains water can have issues with ensuring a clean water supply.

Typical problems are concerns about bacteria in water supply from wells or springs. There might also be issues with iron or other metals, as well as general sediment.

Some customers we have helped with their country houses cottages have even had their water polluted by local farmers spraying silage or chemicals onto fields above their properties.

Whether you are living in your country house or cottage or using it as a holiday home – possibly renting / letting it out to holiday makers – we can help you ensure your water supply is safe, whether it is for drinking water only or for the whole building's water supply.

These are the solutions you might want to consider

Firstly if it is only the drinking water you want to safeguard we would suggest a reverse osmosis filter.

However, if there might be issues with bacteria in the water supply, you need to bear in mind that showers and baths and brushing teeth are just as likely to cause health problems as the drinking water supply Read more about reverse osmosis water filters here

The solution for the entire water supply is:

Ultra Violet Water Filters

Ultra-violet (UV) light kills Ecoli and other disease causing bacteria and viruses.Ultra-violet sterilization adds nothing to, and removes nothing from the water. It is used in conjunction with sediment and carbon filters.By exposing contaminated water to high intensity UV light , micro-organisms are made harmless and the water produced is safe, clean and fresh.


It is 99.99% effective at killing micro organisms
It is extremely cost effective by volume.
No additives are needed and it does not change the taste of your water.


UV is fairly high maintenance.
It needs a constant power supply
The bulbs need to be changed – usually once a year
If the UV bulb fails a holiday maker might not realise
The sediment and carbon filters need to be changed every 6 months
The water needs to be forced through them which may mean there are water pressure issues
It does not remove any other contaminants eg metals pesticides / herbicides etc

For prices and further details on Ultra violet water filters click here

Drink to your health

Our water filter systems can remove harmful pathogenic bacteria, cysts, parasites, and unhealthy chemical contaminants such as Chlorine, while at the same time leaving in the essential minerals your body needs.


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We supply the widest range of water filters for any needs - residential or commercial.