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DIY Scale Centurion Whole House Fitting

Installing a Whole House Filter DIY

One of our clients who bought a Standard Size Whole of House Water Filter with Scale Reduction sent us this message recently

Following receiving the filter we got a quote from a plumber and I also looked into self-installing.

I decided to self-fit using plastic piping and fittings. It was only a 2 hour job.

Here is a simple pipework diagram + example of parts required for DIY installation.

This was a very straightforward job once I’d worked out what was required.



Here's what you'll need - please ref the picture below. The same principle applies to any of the whole house filters and anti-scalers

All code items are John Guest parts. You can simply Google them to find a local supplier

A) Assuming your in/out pipework is 22mm get John Guest PEM062215WP / Straight reducers 22mm x 15mm / Quantity 2

Or if you have 15mm pipework get 2 x PEM0415WP / Straight Coupler 15x15mm (See Note 1)

B) JG 15BPEX-41640 PE-X / Pipe 15mm / Quantity 3 meters

C) JG 15ESOTP Shut off tap / Quantity 3

D) PEM0215WP / Equal T White 15x15x15mm / Quantity 2

E) Connecting to water filter (22mm pipe) - on both sides - is PEM0322WP / 22mm stem elbow / Quantity 2

These go into PEM062215WP / straight reducer 22 x 15 / Quantity 2

F) PEM0315WP / Push fit elbow white / Quantity 6

G) JG STS15P / Superseal inserts 15mm / Quantity 3 x Pack of 10

H) 0-26mm Manual Plastic Pipe Shears / Quantity x 1

I) Talon 15mm Pipe clips / Quantity 1 x Pack of 100

Note 1 Becuase the filter has 22mm male piping, if your pipework is also 22mm you can simply make everything 22mm. Simply Google for John Guest equivalents to the 15mm sizes above.

DIY whole house installation layout diagram

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