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Electronic Water Softening Anti Scale

Electronic Water de Scaling

What are Electronic de Scalers

Electronic descalers keep lime scale at bay by putting a small electrical charge and very low radio frequencies into your water pipes in your house.

This prevents the limescale from forming into hard scale and sticking to your plumbing pipes / heater elements and expensive kitchen equipment.

Benefits of Electronic Water Anti-Scale Softening

-Good value for money

- Very low maintenance.

- You can drink the treated water

- No plumbing required. Easy DIY fitting kit.

- Very low running costs

- Reduce heating bills

- Eco friendly


We get a lot of calls from people who have fitted electronic descalers who report that they don't work.

This might only be because of their local water chemistry. But for many people they just don't do the job.

Benefits of Magnetic / Electrolytic Water Anti-Scale Conditioning

- They don't require a power source

- Good value for money

- Easy to fit

- No maintenance hassle. Fit and forget

- Can drink the treated water

- No plumbing required. Easy DIY fitting kit.

- Running costs: £ none

- Eco friendly

What to watch out for

There's controversy over whether they work properly

Our Recommended Best Buy

Owing to the controversy about whether they work reliably we don't recommend any particular model.

For reliable limescale treatment we'd recommend either a traditional salt softener or, even better, one of the new salt free softeners

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