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How much does it cost to install a water softener in your house uk

Water Softener Installation Costs, UK

Water Softener Systems

If you want to avoid the problems associated with living in a hard water area of the UK, installing a water softener system is the logical solution.

Scale build-up can damage home appliances, increase laundry costs, and cause the unsightly discolouration of fittings that come into contact with hard water.

Hard water also does not taste very nice.

To work out how much it costs to install a water softener system in your house in the UK, you should carefully consider a number of factors, including how much it costs to run the system.

Which Water Softener System is the Best in the UK?

Deciding which is the best system on the UK market is not easy.

There are many different product types and brands available, and it is important to choose one that suits your home and lifestyle.

The best system for you will depend on your needs, and there are several things to consider before you make your choice:

- The size of your home and the number of occupants
- A salt-water or salt-free system
- Your budget
- Service and customer care.

Which is the Cheapest Water Softener System?

The cheapest water softener systems are suitable for small homes with one or two occupants.

Prices start at around £250 for a cheap, small system.

If you are considering a cheaper system, you should be aware that these systems may not be manufactured using high quality parts.

In the longer term, you might spend a lot of money on repairs or have to replace your system prematurely.

Cheap systems may also be inefficient, and your initial savings on the purchase price may be absorbed by high running costs after a few months.

The hardness of the water in your area may also be a factor you should consider.

A cheap, inefficient system may not be able to cope with the demands place upon it.

You do not have to buy the most expensive water softener system to get a good quality product.

Many of the mid-priced systems in the £450 – £600 range offer great value and are supplied by UK companies with a good reputation for customer care.

The bottom line is that when working out how much it costs to install a water softener system in your house, you should consider several factors – not just the purchase price.

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Water Softener in Your House?

The installation costs of adding a water softener system to your home vary, but the usual cost is between £150 and £350. Installation costs are determined by:

- The type of system you choose
- The ease of access to water in your house
- The complexity of the installation.

Can A Plumber Install a Water Softener?

You should use a plumber to install a water softener system in your home.

Any qualified plumber should be able to do it as long as they follow the guidelines recommended by the
Water Regulations Advisory Scheme.

DIY installation is not recommended.

Water Softener Running Costs – UK

The cost of running a water softener system depends on several factors:

- The type of system – salt or salt-free/electrical
- The size and efficiency of the system
- Your water usage
- Maintenance costs.

If you choose a system that uses salt to ‘backwash’ – the process of regenerating the resin beads that soften the water – you will have to periodically add salt to your system.

How much salt you add depends on your water usage and the efficiency of the salt-water system you choose.

Some double-cylinder systems (two tanks) have the benefit of being more flexible because they can switch between tanks to maintain water quality, but they may cost more to run.

Some systems use electricity, and this may add to your running costs.

How much salt your system needs also depends upon your water usage.

The more water you use, the more salt you must buy in order to keep the system functioning.

Salt is usually bought in bags or blocks.

The average cost for salt is between £5 to £18 per month.

The salt costs for small systems with one or two people in the household will be towards the
lower end of the scale.

Properties with a large home & garden using a lot of water will naturally spend an amount closer to the higher end of the scale.

Salt-free systems do not use salt to backwash the system, so you will not have to bear that cost, but you will need to replace the cartridges used to filter the water.

Most salt-free water softener systems use two different cartridges – a whole of house cartridge (replaced annually) and a media cartridge (replaced every two years). The costs are approximately £100 and £150, respectively.

You may also be required to pay additional maintenance charges if you choose a salt-water softener system.

Maintenance costs vary greatly from one manufacturer to another.

Some need no annual maintenance, while others can cost up to £150 each year.

You might also need to replace the filters on salt-water systems, but the cost is often included in the annual maintenance charge.

Another factor you should carefully consider when evaluating running costs is the reputation of the supplier and the quality of the product.

Cheap products save money in the short term, but there is a risk that you will pay more for maintenance and repairs. Cheaper products may also be inefficient and cost more to run.

Water Softener Rental – UK

Many companies now offer a rental option for a monthly fee that includes maintenance.

There are several advantages to renting a water softener system:

- Saves the cost of purchasing a system
- Maintenance and installation are usually included in the monthly rental cost
- Easy to upgrade your system if required.

The cost of renting a water softener system is around £20-30 per month, plus the running costs (salt, cartridges and/or electricity).

Renting a softener system can be quite attractive if you are living in short term accommodation.

However, in the longer term, buying a water softener system for your home is a better option.

As long as you get good advice and purchase a system that suits your needs, three years after purchasing your system you will have saved the money you might have spent renting one.

A good quality water softener system will last a lot longer than three years.

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