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Instructions for Installing Your SYS Type Undersink Water Filter System

Product Codes: SYS1000 | SYS2000 | SYS3000 | SYS4000

Thank you for your purchase. Please find enclosed your new undersink water filter system.

Please follow the instructions below carefully. There is no need to cut any pipes

The kit is suitable for standard 12 to 15mm copper pipe (NOT plastic) 

For safety locate your main water STOP COCK before installing

TOOLS Required: Drill - with 12 mm drill bit. Spanner or pliers


Installing the Tap

Video available: (The model might be different but it's the same principle.)

STEP 1: Select the position of the tap on your counter / sink unit.

TIP Ensure you have room underneath to connect filter to bottom of tap.

Drill a 12mm hole.

TIP use a smaller drill bit first to make a "pilot hole".

STEP 3: Fit the above counter washers to tap tail.  These are (in order from top to bottom): Large chrome washer - this might have a blue removable film on it which you can simply peel off - then Large / thin washer - this goes against the countertop

(Note: If the plastic tube connector is already connected to the bottom of the tap: In order to fit the washers you can quickly remove the connector. To do this you simply need to push in the collet / small ring - that the tap tail goes into - while pulling the tap tail out. Doing this releases the connector).

STEP 4: Now insert tap tail through the hole.

STEP 5: Secure the tap underneath the counter by using the remaining Washers. Hard Washer - goes at top ie against the underside of the countertop. The Fixing Nut that goes onto the tap tail screw thread

Tighten this all up to secure the tap firmly to the countertop.

Position Your New Housing

Step 6: Insert the cartridge into the housing. (It might already be inside.)

Make sure all plastic packaging is removed from the cartridge.

The top of the housing unscrews lefty-loosey/rightey-tightey ie normally.

Make sure the housing is tightened - use the plastic wrench but don't overdo it (you'll have to undo it later!)

You can either attach the housing to the cupboard wall (using screws through holes in the bracket at the top of the housing)...     

OR you can leave it free standing. If so it's best practice to keep it upright. (But that's not crucial.)

Whichever way you decide to position the housing make sure the in/out tubing is not kinked.

TIP If attaching to the wall, choose a position which will make future cartridge changing simple ie leave a couple of inches below for easy unscrewing / detaching of the bottom half.


The Saddle Valve

STEP 7: Connect the saddle valve to the cold water pipe.

Video available

Caution: This saddle valve is designed to fit hard copper pipes only.

Do Not Use on plastic pipes or SOFT Copper pipes ie the final stretch (usually several inches long) of SOFT copper pipe that might lead directly into the tap tail. (This is because the pin might dent the soft copper before it pierces, creating a larger hole / / small leak).

Position the clamp onto the copper pipe - BUT first make sure the PIN underneath is fully withdrawn / invisible - by turning (ii) - so the clamp sits snugly on the pipe.

Then finger tighten the clamp by turning the (bottom nut (i).

Then tighten properly with a spanner. 


One or two spanner turns after finger tight should do.

Do not split your pipe! The aim is simply to make the saddle valve immovable on the pipe.

Connect the Tubes

STEP 8: Insert the tubes into the housing unit:

First take the "IN" tube ie the tube that comes from the saddle valve / your water supply.

At the top of the housing locate the INLET side. The flow arrow points left to right so the IN is on the left. Push the tube firmly into this fitting.

Pull to check it is fastened in.

Repeat with the "OUT" tube (ie the one that goes to your tap).

Note: To remove the tubes you simply push the little collar in towards the fitting. This releases the tube - which you must pull simultaneously. To access the collet on the in valve you can lever off the blue clip (if there is one - these are non essential items).

Commissioning the System

STEP 10:  Assuming saddle clamp is already secured firmly on pipe (see Step 8 above) turn the T bar tap (ii) on the top of saddle clamp. (This will pierce the pipe with a metal pin invisibly.)

a) Turn T Bar saddle tap all the way down then all the way back.

b) Repeat twice. (This makes sure the hole in the pipe is fully opened).

Finally turn it all the way back up and this will allow water to flow constantly through the filter.

You will hear the housing filling up with water (You might have heard it starting to flow during (a) and (b). That’s OK).

Check for leaks. If there are any leaks the fittings simply need to be tightened.

    STEP 11: Open the countertop tap.

    Flush the New Filter Through i.e. run water through it for AT LEAST two minutes plus. This is to remove any natural carbon dust and trapped air.

    When water runs clear it's ready to drink. (Please note any carbon dust is food grade and is harmless!)

    Always repeat this flushing process after any non-use of the unit for more than 2 days.

    STEP 12: Finally, on the front of the filter, in a convenient place stick on

    a) The date change label / and write in your change date

      b) The timestrip / And push/click the timestrip button in firmly to start the timer.

      Any Problems? Please Telephone 020 8761 6611

      Important Note re Reminders

      To avoid long term bacteria build-up it is important to change or disconnect your water filter cartridges on time.

      We will email you reminders when it's time to change, but please make sure you whitelist our email address so these reminders aren't sent to spam.

      And/ or set an alarm now on your mobile or use Siri etc

      Please note your feedback and any suggestions as to how we can improve our service are always appreciated.


      Thank you

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