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Instructions for Replacing Your FLN-spig and FLN-scale-spig

Product Codes: FLN-spig and FLN-scale-spig

Thank you for your purchase. Here is how to change your filter cartridge.

1) Remove Old Filter

a) Turn off the water supply to your old filter

b) Open your sink top tap to relieve pressure

c) Take old filter and disconnect tubing from both ends

(TIP: To release the "python grip" of the quick connector: Push the collet (ie the little ring that the tube goes into) IN towards the filter while pulling the inserted end AWAY).


2) Fitting Your New Filter

a) Check flow direction

Look for the Flow arrow on the filter.

Arrow points in the direction the water should flow ie to your tap

b) Simply insert the filter ends into your existing end-of-tube adapters.

c) Give both ends a sharp tug to make sure they are held securely.


3) Flush Your New Filter Through.

Turn water supply back on and run water through for AT LEAST two minutes plus.

This is to remove natural carbon dust and trapped air.

When water runs clear it’s ready to drink.


4) Check for leaks when flushing AND double check for leaks 10 minutes later.

Any Problems? Please Telephone 020 8761 6611

Important Note re Reminders

To avoid long term bacteria build-up it is important to change or disconnect your water filter cartridges on time.

We will email you reminders when it's time to change, but please make sure you whitelist our email address so these reminders aren't sent to spam.

And/ or set an alarm now on your mobile or use Siri etc

Please note your feedback and any suggestions as to how we can improve our service are always appreciated.


Thank you

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Water Filter instructions / Guides for fitting and installing


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