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Iron and Manganese Water Treatment Systems

Treating Manganese in Your Water Supply

There are various solutions to manganese and iron treatment.

Note: For drinking and cooking water only your best solution is a Reverse Osmosis filter

For your whole house / property

Before we can give you a quote for your whole property we need to establish two things:

1) The level of manganese and iron in your water supply.

Don't bother doing a water test if you are only interested in purifying your drinking / cooking water. In that case simply get a Reverse Osmosis and spare yourself the expense of a costly test. Go straight to the solution!

If you are considering reducing Iron and Manganese pollution in your whole property water supply:

Hopefully you've already had a water test carried out.

If so simply email us a copy of the test result.

If you need your water tested please check our information on water testing.

You'll most likely need Test 02 / Physical & Chemical

2) Your flow rate

Don't be distracted by what your plumber says about your "Bar / pressure" or your pump performance spec. etc.

Establishing your flow rate can be a fairly simple "back of the envelope" calculation.

Checkout this guide to finding your flow rate.

For the fastest response please send us an email with a brief description of your situation and we'll pass it to our experts.

Tell us your two key facts as above ie 1) The level of manganese and iron in your water supply and  2) Your flow rate.

Once we have these, our experts will be happy to give you no obligation advice and an idea of costs.

Please attach the water test if you already have one - even if it seems out of date.

Thank you

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