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Recycling an Undersink Water Filter

How to Recycle an undersink water filter cartridge

Recycling Undersink Carbon Block Water Filters

These cartridges are made from recycled coconut shell (ie this type). Besides producing the best grade filtration carbon it is totally recyclable after use. However you need to put in a bit of effort.

First; remove the plastic caps and the wire netting and put into your plastic recycling. The caps are glued on but will come off if prised off ie push a - blunt! - knife up. (Please do this carefully). Or you could saw off the ends.

You can then pull off the plastic mesh / netting - but make sure there is no carbon left on it or it will contaminate the recycling process.

Underneath is the carbon block ie compacted carbon.

This can be composted or broken up and scattered onto soil. Crush it up and mix it into compost or soil - it also works very well in pot plants. It will increase soil aeration, and water retention.

New Refillable Option

We now have at refillable type cartridge. You can buy special media from us and refill it yourself.

It is Granular Carbon - not carbon block - as per above - but it is also made from high grade Coconut shell and will work just as well for you

You can order this type of cartridge next time using the following code GAC-USC

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