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Replacements for Tecnik Clearflow TKWFCP05 Water Filter System

Trying to Replace Your Tecnik Clearflow
TKWFCP05 Water Filter?

The Tecnik Clearflow cartridge is a good example of a filter that can be hard to find once the original suppliers have left town. (They are often sold as part of a new kitchen by kitchen fitters who might be well meaning but have no idea about where to get replacements).

Below is an exchange we had which sheds light on the predicament (with thanks to Michael Salem for his kind permission to reproduce this).


If you don't mind spending more money replacements are available. But they're not easy to find and that supply might also dry up.

The Tecnik cartridges are taller than universal size cartridges so it's not a simple matter of replacing the cartridge alone. Instead you could replace the old Tecnik undersink system with one of our universal type water filter systems. (Cost £39 all incl).

Replacement cartridges last for 6 months and will always be easy to get hold of in the future - from us or another supplier. Please see /products/new-housing-unit-incl-cartridge

Finally you would need to confirm the existing connections on you Tecnik system. These seem to vary. But we should be able to sort out the correct adapter / connection so your existing in / out tubing can fit onto your new housing. You can call us on freephone 0800 009 6611 to discuss this further.

Below is the email exchange for your information.


First email

Dear Sir / Madam
Could you please advise me on what I need from you to get an existing
water filter into a functioning and maintainable state?
Either replacement filter cartridges if available, or a new housing +
filter, hopefully attachable to the existing flexible plastic

The existing filter was supplied by Kitchens Direct and Möben:
Tecnik Clearflow TKWFCP05 Water Filter System Kitchen Tap, also
TKWFCP05 APC model 4600PURI, now known as "Tecnik Clearflow Filter
Tap". I need to replace the filter cartridge and maybe housing,
hopefully not the tap (a combined 3-way hot/cold/filtered cold tap).

I attach pictures - slightly out of focus or shaky, but I think OK. The existing flexible

plastic hoses/pipes are fixed to the housing with a fixing using hex
nuts, as the pictures show. Please let me know if you need any more
information or pictures.

Filter is transparent plastic and has no markings.
Filter body diameter: 77mm
Filter top diameter (O-ring): 45mm
Bottom: 8 crenellations.
Depth from bottom to edge of recessed perforated plastic cover: 15mm
Depth from bottom to center of perforated plastic cover: 20mm approx
Overall length to top of neck: 252mm
Length of thick part of body: 240mm

Thank you and best wishes,

Michael Salem


Our response

Dear Michael

Thank you for a great explanation of what you need

First can you measure the cartridge again? Perhaps our universal replacements will fit - please see


and in particular re size /products/water_filters_replace_ten_inch#fit

The diameter etc doesn't matter so much: it's the height

Our cartridges are 9 and 3/4 inches (248mm) high. This height includes the rubber seals at both ends

Can I suggest you double check your height as this will be the cheaper option for you.

Option 2 is to get a new housing / cartridge ie /products/new-housing-unit-incl-cartridge

However there will be an issue with your hosing going in and out of your current filter. I note this is an unusual type / size.

Does this filter supply a special tap? or your normal cold water tap? If the former then I'd suggest you simply replace the whole thing ie with this /collections/accessories-all-accessories-spares

If the latter then this may be of interest to you /products/own_tap_water_filter

Many thanks



Customer's reply

Many thanks for your kind and prompt reply (appended, for reference)
Ed. Before going any further, I should say that I have at last found a
supplier for original cartridges. It wasn't easy and they are much more expensive than your
cartridges, but that's Kitchens Direct/Möben/Tecnik (RIP) for you.

It seems that replacing the filter with something more standard is going
to be a problem, and even replacing the housing comes up against
hosing of a different type, so I should probably simply buy the exact
replacement to save the time.

I might now be wasting your time; you might prefer to
stop reading now. However, I will tell you everything I can in case
either you have a solution, or it is of any relevance to you.

You said: >They are 9 and 3/4 inches (248mm) high This height includes the
> rubber seals at both ends Can I suggest you double check your height...

Length may be closer to 253mm than 252mm, significantly longer than
248mm. It doesn't have rubber seals at both ends;

> Does this filter supply a special tap?

Yes. It supplies what I would describe as a 3-way tap, a normal unfiltered
hot/cold mixer with an additional valve/tap on the side that supplies
filtered water to the same nozzle.

I hope this is of some use for you if anyone else asks about this
model of filter.

Michael Salem

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