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Salamander Water Filters Replacement Cartridges

Salamander Water Filter Replacements

Finding it difficult to get replacements for your Salamander water filter?

Looking for a cheaper alternative?

Yes we can help

While we might not sell the original Salamander water filter cartridge, the thing to bear in mind is that the great majority of water filters are inter-changeable.

The water filter you are trying to replace is most probably carbon based.

This carbon is simply burnt coconut shell which is then packed into tubes: meet your cartridge !

So when you are changing your water filter cartridge it's not unlike changing a lightbulb.

You don't need to worry about who has made it. You just want to make sure it fits your light socket.

Please rest assured that our filters are very high quality, and probably at least as good - if not better - than the one you are looking to replace.

If you are interested you'll simply need to measure your existing Salamander cartridge against our one to see if it will fit.

Click on the type your current Salamander filter looks like for further details.

If your cartridge looks anything like this, we can replace your
Inline Salamander water filter types

If your cartridge looks anything like this, we can probably replace your Ten-inch Salamander type water filters

Does your cartridge not look like these?

We still might be able to help you.

The fact that you have approached us about this indicates that your previous Salamander supplier has moved away - or is somehow hard to find - or you're not too happy with their charges.

This is a very common in the water filter business. It seems that a lot of people come in, make a quick profit and move on.

The problem is customers are left stranded when it comes to replacing filters.

Your Solution

You can have your water filters supplied by a reliable British company.

Your replacement filters could only cost a reasonable £15.95 every 6 months.

Here's how:

Option 1

You keep your original tap and connections.

We supply you with an upgraded new housing unit

This includes our best selling "Master Purifier" water filter.

Its excellent performance brings you the best purification in its class.

And it gives you great value - as you'll see if you compare it to other makes.

Plus, no more problems with getting replacements.

This is because the filters are the standard 10 inch size that are the most common in the water filter business. They are easily available from any water filter supplier.

So, even if we disappear - and we're certainly not going anywhere soon - you'll be able to source new suppliers easily.

Many water filter companies try to be clever by making sure their cartridges are a unique shape and size which only they can make. That might be OK if they could guarantee supplies. But often they can't. Or they make the replacements so expensive that people understandably look for alternatives.

With this solution you will never again be stuck with a cartridge that's hard to replace.

Click Here for Further Information and Prices on this Option

Option 2

Simply replacing the cartridge and housing maybe something of a false economy.

What if the old parts start to go wrong?

Why not replace the entire system for only a little more?

You get a brand new tap

You get a new, safe connection into your water supply.

You get a 3 year warranty

You get a safe, no quibble Money Back Guarantee

You get Free and friendly after sales service

Our best selling filter the "Master Purifier" offers you excellent filtration performance giving you the best purification in its class.

And it's much better value than its inferior rivals.

Click Here for Further Information and Prices on this Option

Drink to your health

Our water filter systems can remove harmful pathogenic bacteria, cysts, parasites, and unhealthy chemical contaminants such as Chlorine, while at the same time leaving in the essential minerals your body needs.


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