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Scale Centurion™ Softener System / SC-UKWF Single

Scale Centurion™ Softener System / SC-UKWF Single

Your new Scale Centurion™ system provides protection from scale formation throughout your home. It can be installed at the point of entry to treat your entire home, both hot and cold water, or can be located directly before a water heater or other device (e.g. sauna, etc) that requires protection from hard water.

Scale Centurion™ reduces or eliminates scale formation on internal and external plumbing surfaces as well as reducing spotting and streaking normally associated with hard water.

The system is complete, self-contained, loaded with media and ready to use. A straightforward inlet and outlet connection is all that is required for installation. We recommend using a professional plumber to install the system. It should take them between one and two hours depending on how much pipe work needs to be altered.

Please Note

Fitting a by-pass valve is highly recommended so that the unit can be isolated for cartridge changing or to prolong the life of the filter when not required eg if watering the garden. If fitting outside the property insulate the system to avoid frost damage. (The unit should not freeze).

You must NOT feed the system from NEW COPPER PIPES. These will leach copper and destroy the anti scale media. Only use if copper pipes are at least 1 month old. Until then you can by-pass the filter.

Note: re Changing Filter / Clearance room under the unit

If you have a tight space make sure to allow some clearance room underneath the fitted unit for changing the filter.

The blue bowl unscrews down from the black head. If you are fitting the unit in a restricted space, for example in a standard kitchen cabinet / under your kitchen sink, make sure to allow a minimum of 2 and a half inches below the blue bowl for it to drop down and slide away.

How It Works

Scale Centurion™ prevents scale by transforming the normal dissolved hardness minerals into undissolved crystal micro-particles. These crystals stay suspended in the water and have a greatly reduced ability to react and attach to surfaces like dissolved hardness does. Therefore the problem of internal build- up of scale in pipes, water heaters and on fixtures and glass is greatly reduced.

Please note that Scale Centurion™ is not technically a water softener. Unlike salt softened water, Scale Centurion™ treated water maintains the beneficial essential mineral content of your water and is safe to drink.

Low or phosphate-free cleaning products are recommended to achieve optimum results. Modern surfactant or detergent based, liquid soaps are preferred over old-fashioned caustic solid soaps.

Scale Centurion™ Benefits.

• Chemical Free Scale Prevention. Cost savings and environmental benefits.

• Virtually Maintenance Free. No salt bags or other chemicals to buy, transport and store.

• No electricity, no wastewater, completely self-contained.

• Beneficial minerals retained for more healthful drinking water.

• Improves the efficiency of water-using appliances.

• Simple installation – no electrical and drain hookup.

• Safe for landscaping and lawn watering. No need to costly bypass plumbing.

• Compatible with all on-site and community wastewater treatment systems.

• Not subject to water softener restrictions and “bans”

Your Scale Centurion™ system will improve the properties of water throughout your home. Here are some things to expect and some recommendations for maximizing the benefits of Scale Centurion.

Sinks and fixtures - reduced spotting. If water is allowed to evaporate off a surface, small spots may be left behind. If wiped off frequently, the spotting should not require any more than a wet cloth or sponge to remove. No harsh chemical should be required as with typical hard water spotting.

Dishwasher-Spotting on dishes and on the surface of the dishwasher should be greatly reduced. We recommend that you immediately reduce the amount of dishwashing detergent by approximately 50% as compared to hard water use. Dishwashing detergents low in phosphates are highly recommended as they are better for the environment and phosphates can cause spotting. The use of a rinse aid may be advised.

Shower doors and tiles- should have reduced spotting. When water evaporates off a surface, small spots may be left behind. These spots should be easy to remove with a damp cloth or sponge. In very hard water areas treating the shower glass with Rain-X 2 in 1 glass cleaner, or equivalent, will further reduce cleaning requirements.

In the bath you should notice that soaps and shampoos lather more than with un-treated water. Soaps and shampoos will also rinse off much easier and faster than they would with traditional soft water. We recommend the use of modern soaps for the best results.

Things to watch for: During the first 30-90 days:

• Faucet / Tap aerators and drains may plug occasionally as old scale is removed from your plumbing system and water heater.

• You may also see milky water while the descaling is taking place. This is simply an increase in the calcium in the water because Scale Centurion™ is removing old scale deposits from your pipes. It is perfectly safe.

Good practices:

If your dishwasher is severely coated with scale at the time of installation, we recommend that you purchase a good dishwasher cleaner to accelerate the cleaning. After this initial cleaning Scale Centurion™ should keep it clean.

We also recommend that you drain your water heater tank 30 to 60 days after Scale Centurion™ is installed, and again in one year. This is a good practice that can dramatically increase the life of your water heating appliance. If you have an electric “tank type” water heater, for optimum results and higher efficiency, we recommend you change the heating elements to a “low watt density” model.

Please ensure that the watt density is specified at less than 70 watts per square inch, and is compatible with the brand you own. If you can only change one heating element, change the lower unit which operates most of the time.

Scale Centurion™ will help keep the tank and heating elements free of scale and operating at peak efficiency. Please follow the manufacturer’s instructions when draining or servicing the tank!

Cartridge Changes

Scale Centurion™ Cartridge Life: Change every 2 Years Re-order code SC-BB-CA-10

Notes for the Plumber

Please read the customer information above.

The Scale Centurion™ system differs from a conventional softener or media filter in a number of key respects.

The system is light and only partially filled with media. This is normal. The UP-flow operation of the system requires a lot of freeboard to allow the bed to fully fluidize.

A bypass valve should be installed on every system to facilitate installation and service.

Please see the “important note about iron, manganese and copper” below - especially that new copper pipes will damage the anti-scale media.

Ideally use plastic or stainless steel flexi hose or just bypass the system for a month or so to allow the new copper to oxidise.

The water enters the filter on the left hand side.

The filter ports are 22mm Female Compression.

System must be operated in a vertical position. Do not lay it down during operation. The system may be placed in any position for shipping and installation but must be operated in the vertical position.

Make sure the system is level. Because the system operates in an UP-Flow, fluidized bed mode, having a level surface is more important than with a softener or media filter.

When positioning the unit allow enough space underneath for cartridge changes

Where possible leave enough space to retro-fit a 20 inch unit in case the customer wants to upgrade later. (Total size of a 20 inch from top of black head to bottom of blue end is 60cm / 2 foot). The customer would simply need to screw the 20 inch blue bottom into the existing black head you’ve fitted.

Using Scale Centurion™ with other water treatment equipment.

Scale Centurion™ must be the last stage in the treatment chain. Do not install any filters after Scale Centurion™ or before any devices for which scale prevention is required. Point of Use filters,e.g. carbon or Reverse Osmosis filters are exempt from this requirement.


Please ensure the blue housing unit(s) remain in a vertical position while screwing on the black top. Otherwise the loose cartridge inside might mis-align and be damaged by the prongs / guides under the black top. This damage will void warranty for the filter cartridge(s).

Do not apply phosphate or any other antiscalant either before or after Scale Centurion™.

Iron and Manganese: Just as with conventional water softening media, Scale Centurion™ needs to be protected from excess levels of certain metals that can easily coat the active surface, reducing its effectiveness over time. Public water supplies rarely, if ever, present a problem, but if the water supply is from a private well confirm that the levels of iron (Fe) and manganese (Mn) are less than 0.3 mg/L and 0.05 mg/L respectively. Copper should be less than 1.3 mg/L.

Copper: Copper usually originates from new copper plumbing upstream of the Scale Centurion™ system. If this condition exists, we recommend waiting 3-4 weeks before placing the system in operation. This will allow the copper surfaces to be fully flushed and develop a natural protective surface.

To further minimize any problem with excess copper you should avoid applying excess flux on the inner surfaces of the pipe and to use a low-corrosivity water soluble flux. Once the plumbing connections are complete, place the Scale Centurion™ system in bypass prior to following the startup procedure and flush the plumbing for at least 10 minutes.

Do not let the system freeze.

Commissioning the Unit

Once the unit is ready - ie the pipework is completed and flexible hoses attached etc you need to flush the system without the anti-scale cartridge. (This is in the second, right-side housing / last on the line). Simply remove the anti-scale cartridge and carefully let the water enter the filters; Once the water is running clear, install the anti-scale cartridge and flush again for 2 minutes. Some noise will be heard during the flushings.

Check for any leaks. Run the cold water tap nearest to the filter for 5 minutes to release any trapped air. Repeat this process with all other cold water taps in the property and flush any toilets once.


Inlet/Outlet Connection:... 22mm Female Compression

Temperature:................... 40° - 110°F

pH:.................................. 6.5 to 8.5

Ferrous Iron Max*:.......... 0.3 mg/L

Manganese, Max*:.......... 0.05 mg/L

Copper, Max*: ………….. 1.3 mg/L

Water Pressure: 15 min., 100 max (PSI)

Helpline 020 8761 6611

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