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Water Filters in Rented Properties

A common issue we are asked about is installing water filters in rented flats or houses.

Let's assume you don't want the hassle of a jug type water filter. These are good but have drawbacks: they are more expensive in the long run (requiring regular filter changes) and not as convenient as having your water filtered on tap 24/7 without the need to refill a jug all every time you use it.

The main types of installed water filters are whole of house, and undersink / point of use filters.

"Whole of house" and " keep your own tap filters" (a type of undersink filter) fit into the "out of sight / out of mind" category. They aren't easily visible and when you leave your rented property you can take them with you.

It's a fairly simple question of replacing the gap they leave in the copper tubing.

All you need is a "quick fit" connector and flexihose. You can easily get these from a high street hardware store. This is simple DIY - or you could ask a plumber.

However the other types of undersink water filter such as the "Master Purifier" and the "Reverse Osmosis" involve a small special extra tap on the sink top.

To install this you need to drill a hole through the sink top. When you remove the tap this exposes the hole - which your landlord probably isn't going to like.

The solution is a simple "blanking plug hole cover disc". You can get these in various finishes to match the surrounding sink top. Once fitted they blend in very well and are fairly unnoticeable.

Your landlord will probably notice it but might not mind too much. However to make sure it might be best to clear things with your landlord beforehand - after all would you want someone else doing this to your kitchen without asking you first?

For these type of filters you also need to set up a connection to the water supply. This is done with a "saddle valve" - which is a small clamp that goes around the cold water copper pipe under the sink. When leaving the rented property simply turn it off and leave it in place. It will sit there happily for many years and shouldn't bother anyone.

Please don't hesitate to ask us for any further details about any of this. Contact Us

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