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Water Testing


water test

Find out what’s in your drinking water

Accurate and reliable professional laboratory water testing by experienced chemists and microbiologists.

All tests include our FREE treatment solution consultation.

Test 01

Pro Microbiological Test

£59 plus VAT

Great basic safety check for private water supplies

Test 02

Physical & Chemical

£147 plus VAT

Great safety check for mains water supplies

Test 03

Physical, Chemical & Microbiological

£187 plus VAT

"The Full Monty" check on mains or private supplies

About Your Water Test

Our partners are one of the leading private water supply testing laboratories in the country, specialising in both public and private water supplies, including borehole and spring water supplies.

Your water analysis is based on parameters listed in the Private Water Supply Regulations.

Simply choose your preferred test and pay.

Then we send you a sterile sample kit, with full instructions on how and when to take a sample. You then send it via Royal Mail directly to the lab, re-using the original box received and a pre-paid postage label.

How Long Do The Tests Take

Test 1 and Test 3 - for physical, chemical and microbiological analysis - take up to 6 working days.

Test 2 - for Physical and chemical analysis - takes 2 working days from the time the lab gets your samples.

What to do With Your Test Results

If your test results are okay you can keep them as proof to show people like your Mortgage Lender, property purchaser, Local Environmental Health department, and so on.

Free Consultation Service

If the Test highlights an issue: you simply email us a copy and we’ll give you a free consultation on how you can fix the problem.

Don't worry. We're not interested in selling you anything. There is no obligation at all to buy any recommended solutions from us.

Our aim is to give you impartial advice. You will have already paid for the test.

Besides, if we give you a good service word gets around and we will benefit in other ways.

Why You Might Want To Test Your Water

What best describes you?

I Have Mains Water

Mains water is water supplied on the 'mains' by a public utility/water company. The water has been chlorinated at a Water Treatment Plant and is carefully tested.

If you are simply looking to improve the quality of your mains water supply, you may want your water tested to see what can be improved.

In that case get Test 02 then come back to us with your result. We will advise you on how you can improve your water quality. (This is a free service.)

Water companies already guarantee a minimum water quality so there’s no need for a lengthy and more expensive UKAS test.

Our rapid Test 02 is all you require.

If you decide to install corrective treatment, once it's been installed, you may want to re-test the water to confirm the treatment is effective, and to give you peace of mind.

I have a Private Water Supply

We recommend that all new private water supplies are tested using our rapid testing service.

I Have An Existing Private Water Supply

If you have an existing private water supply and want to check the quality remains good and/or your treatment remains effective, then we recommend Test 03 (ie physical, chemical and microbiological analysis).

Most private water supplies should be tested annually.

If your private water supply is classed as a commercial water supply you may need to test more frequently (we recommend asking your local Environmental Health Officer).

Do I Need a UKAS Test?

(UKAS is the UK’s National Accreditation Body, responsible for determining the competence and integrity of organisations offering testing, calibration and certification services).

If you simply need to know if your water needs treatment, then you do not need a UKAS test.
Our rapid, accurate and reliable lab testing service will confirm whether you have any problems.

Typically for Private Water
you would need Test 02 (Note; This test doesn’t test for microorganisms because you should have Ultra Violet filtration fitted anyway, and this will kill any microbes).

However if you need analysis for legal and regulatory purposes then you will need a UKAS standard analysis of your water.

We can certainly arrange a UKAS test for you.

But a UKAS test requires a great number of bottles, and it is becoming increasingly necessary for a trained/qualified water sampler to take the sample.

This is due to regulators not accepting samples collected by inexperienced individuals due to the risk of the samples being inadvertently affected by incorrect sampling techniques, contamination, storage and transportation.

Our laboratory has highly qualified and experienced samplers based around the country who can be booked to take your water sample UKAS analysis.

They will ensure it is correctly sampled in the right bottles and delivered to the lab within the very strict timeframe and conditions required.

Note: There are some online water testing services you might have seen which refer to being UKAS testing. Beware; you’ll probably find that they’re only being done in a UKAS lab but may not actually be UKAS accredited results.

More on When you Might Need a UKAS Test

UKAS tests are only needed to demonstrate compliance with the Private Water Supply Regulation once your water supply is fully commissioned, and at the point where the Environmental Health Officer is ready to sign it off (or not) as a compliant system.

UKAS tests are also needed if you are bottling or supplying the water to a third party.

If your water supply is just for your own personal use then you currently have a choice of whether to involve the Environmental Health Officer or not.

If you opt out, as a personal user, then you do not need to have the more costly and lengthy UKAS test.

If your water supply is used by the public, supplies more than one dwelling, or supplies a third party, then it is classed as a commercial supply and you MUST have a UKAS water analysis completed, showing that all parameters tested were present below drinking water standards before you can supply anyone.

Get the Timing of Your UKAS Right

If you get your first test done (after the borehole/new source is just completed) by the Environmental Health Officer, they are likely to find an initial problem.

This means you need to install a treatment solution and then get the ‘expensive’ UKAS test done all over again.

We Recommend

Come to someone like us for advice, initial testing and corrective treatment before going to the Environmental Health Officer.

The smart money usually does a rapid cheaper test FIRST.

Then comes to us for advice on corrective treatment.

After this process is when you should get it tested by your Environmental Health Officer.

About the Environmental Health Officer

The Environmental Health Officer in your local area is the person or entity who will specify the ultimate list of parameters to be tested at a UKAS laboratory.

There are numerous Environmental Health Officers across the country each with a slightly different list of parameters for testing as they derive the list on a ‘risk-based approach’.

For this reason, we cannot provide a definitive list of parameters to analyse when completing a UKAS test.

As the Environmental Health Officer can arrange the UKAS sampling and analysis for you, we suggest you get them to do the ‘final’ UKAS testing once you are confident it is all working correctly and that our rapid test has shown the quality to be good.

Note: If you can establish the ‘UKAS’ parameters to be tested from the EHO, then we can do the UKAS test for you and we may be cheaper than your local Environmental Health department.

Give us a try!

Read more about Environmental Health Officers in the panel on the right

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