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Whole House Water Filter System / WHS-UKWF Single Installation Instructions

Whole House Water Filter System / WHS-UKWF Single

Fitting a by-pass valve is highly recommended so that the unit can be isolated for cartridge changing or to prolong the life of the filter when not required eg if watering the garden.If fitting outside the property insulate the system to avoid frost damage.

Note: re Changing Filters / Clearance room under the unit

If you have a tight space make sure to allow some clearance room underneath the fitted unit for changing the filters.

The blue bowl unscrews down from the black head. If you are fitting the unit in a restricted space, for example in a standard kitchen cabinet / under your kitchen sink, make sure to allow a minimum of 2 and a half inches below the blue bowl for it to drop down and slide away.

Additional Notes for the Plumber

The water enters the filter on the left hand side.

The filter ports are 22mm Female Compression

Position filter as close to the stop tap as possible.

Please fit a by-pass valve unless your customer specifically declines.

System must be operated in a vertical position. Do not lay it down during operation. The system may be placed in any position for shipping and installation but must be operated in the vertical position.

Make sure the system is level. Because the system operates in an UP-Flow, fluidized bed mode, having a level surface is more important than with a softener or media filter.

When positioning the unit allow enough space underneath for cartridge changes.

Where possible leave enough space to retro-fit a 20 inch unit in case the customer wants to upgrade later. (Total size of a 20 inch from top of black head to bottom of blue end is 60cm / 2 foot). The customer would simply need to screw the 20 inch blue bottom into the existing black head you’ve fitted.

Once the unit is ready - ie the pipework is completed and flexible hoses attached etc you need to flush the system. Some noise will be heard during the flushings.

Check for any leaks. Run the cold water tap nearest to the filter for 5 minutes to release any trapped air.

Repeat this process with all other cold water taps in the property and flush any toilets once.

Enter the dates on the change log stickers

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