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Will this Anti Scale Cartridge Fit my Existing Water Filter?

To check whether our anti scale cartridge is suitable for your water filter you need to check the size

Our cartridges are the "universal size" and measure as follows:

They are 9 and 3/4 inches (248mm) high

This height includes the rubber seals at both ends

They have a 1 inch hole at either end, in the middle, to slot into the housing unit.

Their diameter is approx 66mm. However they can replace cartridges with various diameters - as long as they are not very thick. about 3 inches in diameter is the maximum.

If your housing unit doesn't sound right then you can buy a new one from us and keep your existing tap and connection to the water supply. It will be very easy to change. Basically you simply remove the in/out pipes from your current filter and put them into the new one we send you.

Don't worry it's not as bad as it sounds. We can talk you through it.

If you are understandably concerned about "burning your bridges" by cutting the pipes in this way, please don't worry.

If you decide to go back to using your old filter housing we will send you a simple pushfit connector to connect the cut tubing back together. Simply leave an inch or so of tube on the housing side and this will be very easy.

We will send you these retro connectors for free. But you may like to know that of the thousands of replacement filters we've sold in this way, not a single customer has ever asked for this.

Plus if you're not happy we have a Money Back Guarantee

Drink to your health

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