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Total Anti Scale Cartridge Lasts Up To 6 Months*

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What you get
SKU: ASC4000
Product Description

*Up to Six Month* Anti Scale Ten Inch Cartridge - for Very Hard Scale Areas

This filter contains 100% anti-scale filtration material - the same top anti-scaling and anti-heavy metals media used by major brands like Brita.

It is designed for very hard scale areas and should last you *up to 6 months - possibly more - depending on your local area.

(Please note this assumes you already have a water filter housing unit to accept this cartridge. If you dont please click here).


This anti-scale filter only contains anti-scale media. It's very good at combating scale but it doesn't filter out chlorine and other impurities or improve the taste of your water.

However if you want that capability aswell there is a simple solution. You can "twin" this anti-scale filter with a great taste and odour filter.

Twinning filters simply involves two housing units sitting side by side under your sink.

ie Unit 1: this excellent taste and odour water filter twinned with Unit 2: this anti-scale housing unit (which contains this Anti Scale Ten Inch Cartridge).

If you want this solution we can offer you a discount on the extra housing unit. You get the extra housing including a cartridge for only £19. That's a great £20 saving over the usual £39. To get this call us on 0800 009 6611 and we can do it all for you. If you prefer order direct then call us or email us afterwards and we will refund your payment with the £20 discount.

My Options


Details below

Option 1

I only want the anti-scale cartridge.(Buying this cartridge on its own assumes you already have a housing unit to put the filter inside. This special anti-scale filter is a standard sized ten-inch water filter cartridge that will fit the "universal" type housing. (See Technical section for exact sizes)

If that's OK simply use the "Add to Basket" button on the top right or below.

Option 2

I already have an undersink housing unit with a normal filter.

I want to twin it with this new anti-scale filter and get both great tasting water plus powerful anti-scaling.

To twin your existing water filter system with this total anti scale cartridge you simply need a new housing unit for the cartridge to go inside.

(You keep your existing tap and connection to the water supply).

In this case you can simply buy a new filter housing unit with the total anti-scale cartridge.

Option 3

I don't have any drinking water filter at all. And I want BOTH the anti-scale AND great tasting water.

OK here's what you need; (Simply add the various parts to your basket using "Continue Shopping".

a) The standard undersink water filter system /collections/homes-under-sink-water-filters

b) The second housing unit /products/total-anti-scaling-water-filter-unit

(All tubing and everything you need is supplied).

Or call us on 0800 009 6611 and we can do this all for you. If you order direct then email us afterwards for your £20 discount

Option 4

I don't have any drinking water filter at all. And I ONLY want the anti-scale solution (ie not "twinned" with the anti-taste / odour).

If you don't have a filter system yet then order the anti-scale housing unit with cartridge here and add the other parts you'll need to your basket:

a) The water filter drinking tap /collections/accessories-water-filter-taps

b) The connection to the filter from your water supply /products/saddle-valve

(All tubing and everything you need is supplied).

Want something else?

See my other anti-scale drinking water options

See scale solutions for my whole house

Will it Fit?

This top anti-scale taste and odour cartridge will replace any of the industry standard water filter cartridge types that are 9 and three quarter inches length x 3 inches or less diameter.

If your existing filter looks anything like this - and you want to remove scale from furring up your kettle etc - then it can almost certainly be replaced by our specially made cartridge.

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Anti Scale Ten Inch Cartridge - ASC4000

On SALE NOW for £29.97

Usual price £39.97

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Please Note: The price above is for the cartridge only. It assumes you
already have a housing unit to put the filter inside - see
Will it Fit My Existing Water Filter?

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There's a special offer to combine it with filtering beautiful tasting water to every tap in your house
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Product Code: ASC4000

Anti Scale 6 Months
Technical Information


*Lasts up to 6 months in 95% of UK Water Areas


Depending on local water chemistry.


Please note that it's hard for us to be totally certain this filter will stop scale in your drinking water for a full 6 months. This is because there are thousands of local water treatment plants in the UK. Each has a unique water chemistry - which can change regularly. (And it’s hard to tell by exact area because even within the same postcode the water source can vary). 


However, having said that, please rest assured that the cartridges do work well for the full 6 months for 95% plus of our customers - often even longer.


However, even if you're in a particularly bad area the filter should last for 3 months plus. What can make a big difference is the flow rate of water going through the filter. The slower the better. You might need to reduce to 2 litres a minute. (This will fill your kettle for a cup of tea in a few seconds). 

To adjust the flow rate simply use a flow restrictor / shut off valve. If you don't already have one ask us and we'll send one for free with your new filter. (Usual price £6.97). Ask us!


We guarantee this filter will remove scale for at least three months. If it doesn't send it back and we will refund you on a pro-rata basis - click here for more details



2.5 inches


Main Body

10 inches (9 and 3/4")

SKU: ASC4000
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