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Water Filters | Bathrooms | Shower | Bathing

Water Filters for your Bathroom 

If you want to enjoy purified water to bathe in we can offer you the following great solutions

Shower / Bathroom Water Filters.
In shops £59
Get it here from ONLY £39

Get your shower water purified. Transform the way you feel after a shower. No more itchy red eyes. No more breathing in chemical vapours in your shower cubicle or bathroom Full Details


Whole of House Water Filters.
In shops £895
Get it here from ONLY £365

If you want your bathing water purified the most efficient way to achieve this is to get one of our great new whole of house water filters. This fantastic British made filter - new to the market - will give you filtered water for your baths, showers and laundry. Plus you get beautifully filtered drinking water from any tap Full Details


Water Filters UK Full Contents

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