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How To Remove Fluoride From Your Drinking Water 

If you are concerned about fluoride in your water supply and want to reduce it, then there are some good solutions - depending on your particular requirements.

Option 1 - remove fluoride from your drinking water only

Option 2 - remove it from your entire house water supply

Option 1

If you are concerned about fluoride you should be mainly looking at a point of use / drinking water filter. They will be much more effective than "whole of property" solutions.

We recommend Reverse Osmosis  filters for filtering your drinking water.

A reverse osmosis water filter will remove at least 95% of fluoride regardless of the quality of your water supply. 

Please note: These are currently on Special Offer for only £197. Compared with the usual £450 average price this is a truly outstanding opportunity to get a water filter that deals with a whole range of drinking water problems in one easy-to-fit system.

Read more about what reverse osmosis can do.

Option 2

You can remove fluoride by filtering the entire water supply into your house; i.e. filtering your bath / shower water and your washing machine water.

Some people want to do this because in addition to removing it from their drinking water they also want to avoid any absorption into the skin when they are washing.

Plus they can also avoid ingesting small amounts when they are washing their teeth - and so on.

If this applies to you then our complete house water filter might be of interest.

The active alumina in the filters is very good at removing fluoride and heavy metals. The standard family home model costs £365 and, of course, filters out a lot of other contaminants as well. (Please Note a reverse osmosis filter is not practical for an entire property. They filter the water too slowly. You would need to spend in the mid five figures to get one large enough for a whole house). 

Read more about our great value whole house filter

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