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EF9603 | Samsung fridge water filters | External type

EF-9603 Samsung Fridge Water Filter Types

The EF 9603 is the filter used by Samsung side by side fridges where the filter sits OUTSIDE the fridge.

The problem with the EF9603 is that is is expensive.

Many people who buy a Samsung fridge for several hundred pounds are shocked to find that, twice a year, they have to spend another £60 or £70 on replacing their filter.

This can cost about 10% of the original cost of the fridge.. every 6 months !

But this is only a very basic type of water filter.

The other issue is that the EF 9603 is often difficult to find.

The sales assistant at the shop where you got your fridge will probably give you the blank stare of modern youth when you ask about buying your new EF9603

Meanwhile you have a red light also giving you a blank stare every time you go to your fridge.

Incidentally many people assume the red light works on some clever sensor that detects the water your EF-9603 fridge filter is serving you is somehow "off". In fact it is set to a simple timer that comes on after 6 months - which is the recommended life of the fridge filter.

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Part of the reason the EF 9603 is hard to find is that it is has different looking codes eg the EF9603 or EF 9603 or EF-9603. Because search engines tend to only find exact word matches the small differences of spaces and dashes - which are nothing to a human eye - can make this water filter hard to locate on the web.

The real name of this type of fridge filter given by Samsung is the Magic Water Filter EF9603


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