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Samsung Fridge Water Filter Compatible Replacements

Samsung Fridge Filters Replacement Cartridges.

"I am writing to congratulate UK Water Filters on being the most speedy and efficient company that we have dealt with. I ordered around lunch time and the cartridges were delivered early the next morning - less than 20 hours from ordering ! We are very impressed ! Many thanks".
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How To Tell When Your Samsung Fridge Water Filter Needs Replacing

If your chilled water tastes a bit funny it’s likely your fridge water filter needs replacing.

Once a filter has been wet, bacteria can start growing inside it. Therefore, Samsung recommend replacing Samsung filters every 6 months regardless of water usage, or if the fridge has not been used for 2 weeks or more.

Knowing When To Do Your Samsung Fridge Water Filter Replacement

Most fridges have a light that comes on when the Samsung fridge water filter replacement is due. This light works by timer and will activate after 6 months of filter use. Filters also generally have an ‘expiry date’ based on the amount of water run through them so if you use a lot of water your filter may need replacing sooner.

UKWF also sends a free courtesy reminder, which doesn’t mean you’re obliged to purchase your next replacement Samsung fridge water filter from us. It’s a service we provide because we care about the quality of your water.

Buying An External Replacement Filter For A Samsung Fridge

Samsung fridges with a water filter have either an external or an internal filter. When buying an external filter for a Samsung fridge there are several different, but interchangeable, models. Fridges with EF-9603, HAFEX/EXP or WSF100 filters can use the WSF100 Samsung replacement filter. This is a complete list of WSF100 compatible filter and fridge models.

DA29 Internals - Internal Samsung Filters

The DA29 internal filter we sell can be used to replace most internal Samsung fridge filter models. There are one or two exceptions. A list of compatible DA29 filter types can be found on this page here (scroll down a bit to see the codes.)

Quality Compatible Samsung Replacement Filters

Contact us now for help or advice about your quality replacement Samsung compatible fridge water filter.

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